Muffling gas sounds after rectal cancer surgery?


Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me what you are doing to muffle gas sounds in public? I had rectal cancer surgery about a month ago and I'm so afraid of the possible gas embarrassment in public when I go back to work.

Thanks so much.


I get the generic "Gas Relief" chewable tablets at Walmart. The chewable tablets work a lot better than the other type for me. Are you a candidate for irrigation? If so, that is the single best way to greatly reduce gas and just makes life with a colostomy so much easier. You can also avoid grains and cereals, which seem to produce the most gas in my experience. I suggest you ask your doctor or ostomy nurse about irrigation ASAP. Regards, MMsh

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Hello Southern161.

You do not say what sort of stoma you have so my comments mgiht not be approriate. I irrigate and have found that stoma plugs are ideal for resolving the problem of noise and smell from gas as they are porous and have filters so they just let the gas out without issues. 

Best wishes




I also had rectal cancer and had the full set of operations to remove it and the anus, etc.

Wind is a problem, especially if you're on chemotherapy. That produces really, and I mean really, bad wind. Enough to blow a pouch clean off.

If you have a 'normal' stoma, do consider irrigation. Then, no poo bags and very little wind.

Get in touch if I can help. I'm a real enthusiast of irrigation.



Thanks for your reply. I will be going to Walmart to see what they have.

Thanks again.

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Thanks for your reply. I guess I'm still learning, having only had this for about one month. I don't know one stoma from another. I had rectal cancer and had my rectum removed. My stoma is on my left side lower stomach. I work in retail and need to curb the gas. My doc says to wait about 6 months before irrigation. Thanks again.


Thanks for the reply. How long before you started irrigation? My doc wants me to wait 6 months.


I didn't know about irrigation at first and went through several very stressful years before I started it. It will change your life for the better, I wish someone had suggested it when I was a newbie. I would hit the doc up again after a few months, tell him that you really need to take control of your ostomy situation as soon as possible, so long as it doesn't compromise the healing process. Best of luck, if I can be of any help just message me.


Thank you, I will be seeing him again in about a month.

Ostomate wife
Hello Southern 161, I am not an ostomate but my husband is. I wanted to share with you what we have learned.... My husband was the gassiest when his ostomy was newer. He passed so much wind and the noises it made.... It really bothered him. He thought he would never be able to go out in public or to work.
Things he has figured out through the past year.... He always orders a pouch with a filter, that has been helpful with the problem of his bag ballooning up with air. Some name brands' filters seem to work better than others. That part is trial and error. Ask the companies for samples while you are testing them out. I realize your appliance was not your question. Just wanted to share that.
Gas pills (generic are fine) before eating seems to help. Generic Beano from Walmart is my husband's first choice of gas pills. Also, watch what you eat. Avoid the gassy foods as much as possible.
I don't know if anyone would agree but the gas and noises have become less with time. Not to say it is all gone and that he never makes noises. He has just learned to say "excuse me" and continue on.
I hope this was helpful for you.

An Ostomate's Wife.

Thanks so much for the reply.

I actually just got back from Walmart looking for something to kill the gas like Beano, funny how the shelf was empty. I tried Convatec bags with a filter and didn't care for that brand. Now I'm using Hollister brand with a filter and like them much better. I guess it all comes together after a while.

Thanks again.