Struggling with Foods and My Ostomy - Need Advice!


I had been doing so well!!! Now here I am....sitting in my chair.....under the heating pad again. I started down my checklist and am cursing "Maxine" for not liking the first enjoyable meal I have had in weeks. Everything was cooked well, not spicy and no skins to block anything up. On top of that, I chewed the heck out of everything. Well, at 3am, Maxine decided she was not happy, shut down shop and I am having gas pain that could kill a horse. I immediately started my checklist and just took a heavy hitter to see if I can get things to calm down, so far it hasn't worked and I am getting a little worn out. When oh when will I be able to eat something other than Ramen, soup or simple sandwiches? I feel like I am wasting away!! If it wasn't for my Spruteen protein drinks, I would be not worth a popcorn poop!! It will be a year in July. Is there any hope for me? The meal was safe. Well-cooked roast beef, mashed potatoes with no skins, cottage cheese, milk and a small piece of pudding pie. Nothing to cause any issues. It's like when I try to process it, that is when I get the gas which is so painful. I feel very defeated today!!


Hello Freedancer.  It must be so frustrating (and painful in your case) when you cannot eat what you want to without developing these problems. There's not much more advice to give than that which we have tried to offer before. However, its worth bearing in mind, that sometimes these things change, for no apparent reason. so perhaps it is worth persevering in your experimentation, just in case you get a positive breakthrough.

Best wishes


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Sorry to read of your challenges! It is quite a science of mastering the right menu, isn't it?

This is what I did. I would take something I knew I would be fine with, like turkey sandwiches or ramen, and add one new thing at a time. That way, you can pinpoint what is not a good match and keep it off your diet...



Maybe increase fluids with meals. Have you tried walking and drinking hot chamomile tea to get rid of the blockage?



Have you had a CT scan to rule out adhesions, strictures, and scar tissue? Being able to eat simple sandwiches, i.e. bread, seems that any blockage issue is not necessarily due to the wrong food, but perhaps situational issues as how you are sitting when ingesting said food or lying down too soon after eating. This is ONLY OPINION and PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, so please don't take it as gospel, but adhesions, strictures, and scar tissue DO cause as many "blockage" issues as hernias with looped intestines. I have a ventral hiatal hernia which means the hernia is along the original incision line near the upper stomach. There are three loops of small intestine looped INTO my stomach. SO, if I eat too quickly, or too much, or don't chew well enough, or lie down in my recliner too soon after eating, I have found that I suffer discomfort similar to a blockage, with little or no output. I have discovered that if I get up and walk around (I use my treadmill) after eating, then I have a better result--no matter WHAT I eat. I have also discovered that if I feel somewhat bloated, stopped up or gassy, a hot beverage (I like decaf spicy chai, a Bigelow tea) will help soothe and move things along. Scar tissue pressing on the intestines is NOT unusual causing a stricture, especially if other organs have also been surgically removed, (the more cuts, the more scar tissue). Adhesions of tissue and membrane after surgery also seem the norm, as your body readjusts to its new placement of things inside you. I have had an ileostomy for 3.5 years and I have been able to eat ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that my heart desires. However, blockages are SERIOUS, and if you are not passing ANY output, you should consider ER intervention because with no output your intestine is blowing up inside you. Your body will produce approx 2 liters. (that figure is from my colon surgeon) of fluid output EVERY DAY even without eating/drinking anything. It must have an outlet or you risk toxic mega colon and eventually a rupture.

I sympathize with you being limited to a strict diet, and I wish for you a successful solution to this issue so that you can once again enjoy the simple pleasure of enjoying mealtime.



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Are you getting gas pain or blockage? They are different, the latter being more serious. It sounds as though you are getting pains due to a blockage. As someone else has suggested, perhaps more fluid intake before eating will help. Maybe, changing the time that you eat will also help. If this occurs so frequently then, as another on here has suggested, you should have a CAT scan or MRI done. Adhesions are common causes for your symptoms.

Good luck,


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