Odor after bag change - no leaks, but still smells?


Hey guys, I have a curious question about odor. It is my understanding that there shouldn't be any odor from the ileostomy bag unless there is a leak or if you are changing it or emptying it. However, after my normal change today, I have noticed a lingering odor. I checked everything, and there are no leaks or holes anywhere in the appliance, and none of the contents could have gotten on anything outside of the bag. Have any of you had this issue after changing out your bag? It just seems odd to me that I would have this when there are no leaks.

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Did you check your wafer or around it? Every now and then, an odor comes from my wafer.

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FreeDancer, I shower and change every day, use only a Sensura Mio one-piece, and a single barrier wipe on the skin before applying the Mio. I use essential oils or baby oil for odor and don't experience leaks, but I still smell the odor. Hubby says I'm anal :-) and possibly OCD, but I've always had an extremely sensitive olfactory system. I also find the filters clog within 30 minutes, so I always use the little blue tape circle to cover the outlet and just burp the bag. Wish they made the exact same bag without the filter.




Try some baking soda in your pouch.


It seems like it only does it for one day. I still have my staples down my midline so I have to jockey it around until I get them out. Maybe I didn't get it tight enough in one spot but I can't tell and it looks okay.

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I can totally relate. I can spot a dirty baby (diaper) at 30 yards! LOL!! My hubby says he doesn't smell anything but it nags me!!


Have you tried an ostomy deodorant? I found them to be helpful in minimizing smells. I liked Na'Scent, Safe and Simple, and M9 the best. Good luck! LadyHope


Yes, I have. I did not like the Na'scent but haven't tried the other two. I am using one that they sent me home with from the hospital and the VA sent me some as well. Thank you for the reply!


I just had my ileostomy surgery 4 weeks ago. I have not had any issues with odor unless I empty my bag, and even then it's not all the time. It just depends on what I eat. My ostomy nurse said to add a little peroxide in the bag. As for having an odor with no leaks, are you using the adhesive rings or paste? Maybe a small amount of output leaked beyond the barrier ring and is under the wafer. I had that happen once. Or maybe your husband really doesn't notice an odor. I am pretty anal about odor myself, so I completely understand. I use either baby oil or the deodorizing oil. It helps me empty easier and reduces odor, not to mention I rinse my bag out every time I empty it. I am assuming you are also new to this. There are many things you can use to prevent odor overall. Tic tacs, mouthwash, peroxide, baby oil, etc. I wouldn't use mouthwash though. I'd be afraid of it irritating the stoma. I also don't use peroxide unless it's to rinse out a bag. I reuse them a few times and just alternate them with new ones. Just make sure there are no leaks under the wafer. It can cause skin irritation. I found that out the hard way. If your skin gets itchy under the wafer, change it. For me, it was moisture due to a leak that just wasn't enough to go beyond the wafer. Good luck!


I also sometimes put those small breath strips by Listerine in my pouch. They dissolve when they get wet.


Thank you! Just had my first revision on the 17th of February. It was rough starting all over again.


Coloplast Brava Lubricating Deodorant is brilliant!! Just put a squirt in the bag after each emptying. DO NOT put anything in your bag that might seep past your stoma onto your skin!! Certainly DO NOT put peroxide into your bag.

FREEDANCER.....Just change your bag. See if the smell is still there. If it is, I'd suggest it's something wrong with the batch of bags you are using....


I've rinsed my pouch out with peroxide many times without any problems. I wouldn't suggest leaving it in your pouch as a deodorizer, but it's fine for a rinse. After all, you can rinse your mouth with it.

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I've heard in other places that mouthwash is a good, cheap deodorizer.


I think you guys really covered it.  Angelkisses seems to have tried the same protocols as I did.  I just wanted to add a couple thoughts.  The manufacturers usually suggest using 4 to 12 drops of the deodorizers.  I find 12 to 16 works for me.  Using about 10 drops of Adapt lubricating Deodorant with about 10 drops of M9 Odor Eliminator seems to cover everything for my colostomy.  That might be too much liquid for an ileostomy.



Do you rinse your bag while it's attached? If so, how and with what?


Great question Sistervj.  We sometimes take things for granted and assume everyone knows what we're thinking.  Thanks for the reminder.  

It depends on how the bag is emptied.  Are we sitting on the pot?  What way are we facing?  Maybe we're standing.  Is it very liquidy, extra thick or normal?  What the heck is normal.  I wouldn't want to remove the pouch unless it's very necessary.

Let us know some of your specifics and we'll offer good advice.




I read your post and have a suggestion. I have a colostomy, so the issue with smell is HUGE, until a friend of mine gave me a sample bottle of M9, odor eliminator drops. Hollister makes it. I have used it ever since. My friend has an ileostomy and didn't have an odor, but a totally different story with colostomy. It works perfectly for odor. I never wanted to go anywhere before I found these drops. They have been life-changing for me. My insurance pays for it, but it is expensive. As with anything, if it's something you need, the price is going to be ridiculous.

Hope this helps.

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I have smells, usually when I drain it in the middle of the night. I rinse the bag every time, which really helps.

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