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Hot tub

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

has anyone used a hot tub with their ostomy? I really miss using a hot tub but am concerned about the appliance coming off! 

Pharmgirl wrote:

has anyone used a hot tub with their ostomy? I really miss using a hot tub but am concerned about the appliance coming off! 

I use my hot tub all the time. I have had my ileostomy for 29 years, luckily my appliance has never come off. I put extra medical tape around the flange with every change for added security. I'm a very active person & have had very few leaks.

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Thank you Sosweet I appreciate you letting me know! My husband and I are going to Canada to see Niagara Falls in may and there is a hot tub in the room we are staying in. 


I take extremely hot baths and very hot showers over 100 degrees and I always leave a bag on. I use the Coloplast barrier strips around my wafer edges and it holds up very well. I change my bag right after I bathe or shower though. I change my bag every Monday and Thursday


Thank you maddie 50322 for this information, I'm feeling confident enough to get in the hot tub on my upcoming vacation!


No I haven’t but I wish I could after long days of work lifting boxes!  I worry about taking showers sometimes but found a way around that! How are you doing today 


Thanks for your post.  It is a very good question and one that is asked from time to time.  The wafer is designed to stick to your skin even after a hot shower, bath, swimming or hot tub use.  That being said, I would still be cautious regarding the integrity of the wafer after being in the water.  You can purchase from your supplier these half moon 1/2 inch adhesives that will picture frame your wafer to help with wear time.  I can't remember what they are called but coloplast will provide a few samples to try. Give them a call and ask for them.  Also, if you feel the wafer is loose, change it.  It is better to safe then sorry.  Take care and Good luck!  


Thanks Ladyhope, this is good advise, I think I have some of those wafers for those uh oh days...


I have never had any problem.  For extra security you could get a swim wrap.  Check ostomysecrets.com.


I have spent a lot of time in hot tubs and never had an issue. I find it reduces wear time if I spend a lot of time in the water but no major failures. Have fun 🙂


Let's all meet up someplace with a big hot tub and try it out!  Lol!  Sounds like a great party!


Hi Maddie rongarm here.  I have been in  a few hot tubs, taken very warm showers and the only prob I had was with the hot tub.  The Chemicals in the tub caused my skin wafer to be in not  so good shape.  I think  the chemicals created a problem.  Also when I take showers I usually take my bag off and let the water, not real hot, cleans out my stoma area.  I also fill up the bag and let it drain out.  This has helped keep down any odors that mite happen and just mainly keeps a little cleaner.  I asked my urlogist if this ok to do and he said should not cause any probs.  Of course I re-attach the bag while still in the shower.

Take care and be safe.



Yes, we bought a new hot tub last November, I have had a stoma since 17 April 2017, I have had a couple of issues with the bag becoming unstuck so a quick exit was needed before complete disaster. The water tends to start to loosen the adhesive at the edges and the bubbles fill the pocket of material around the bag, I use an sensor mio one piece thing. If I want to go in the tub now I change to a new bag, use two brava elastic tapes, one above one below, this extends the flange, I then use a support belt, this has a ring that fits snugly around the flange of the bag and presses it into place, the belt then holds everything secure and I can stay in the tub for as long as I want without any fear that the bag will come off and everything that goes with that, I would be reluctant to go in the tub with just a bag, as I know they will potentially come off, after saying that, I have been in after wearing the bag two tapes and the belt for an hour or so before then taken the belt off and it has been without incident, it all sticks down pretty well after the belt has been on.


Hi Pharmgirl,

I have my ileostomy for more than 50 years, and hot showers are never an issue....    nor is a swimming pool or swimming in the ocean.   Although I've been in hot tubs, many times, I take a little more precautions.....and the same with hot baths, which I gave up in favor of showers.   Sitting in hot water for an extended period of time, can start to soften, or losen the wafer ( convatec)  like others, I use tape around the  4 edges, and I've never lost a wafer/ pouch in the water.    But I do check later at night, or in the morning. to make sure all is secure.   I was very young when I had my surgery ( 15)    and taking a hot shower seemed easieir than worrying about the wafer ( back then a plastic disc with glue)  coming off.    Even when supplies changed and improved,   I still opt for the shower.....unless I have the opportunity to go in a soaking/ tube with jet sprays  ..   Best of luck to you.   Enjoy the the hot tub.....just be aware, and prepared....   the bathroom is nearby.   No worries..  Marsha


I have had my Ileostomy for 46 years. I have been in hot tubs before. I would put  barrier strips around wafer and then put Hy-Tape (pink tape) around the barrier strips.

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