Stomach blockage: How to relieve it?

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Dandy Dan

I think I have a blockage because my stomach hurts around my stoma inside. My stoma is swelled up like I have never seen it before!!! I only pass black water and not thick bowel. How do I get rid of the blockage? Buy a rubber baster and do an enema on my stoma? What do I use? Soapy water or what? Please help!!


Hello Dandy Dan. Black water sounds as if it might be old blood and you should get medical advice immediately! If it isn't this, then at least you can get the advice you need about the swelling. 

Best wishes


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Dandy Dan, I totally agree with Bill. Get medical attention like yesterday!!! Good luck! Angelicamarie


Dan, I strongly suggest that you contact your surgeon, or perhaps even better, go to a nearby hospital emergency room.

To be evaluated by a surgeon on call. Your symptoms are nothing to fool with. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

Best regards,

Mike from Cleveland, Ohio

Dandy Dan

I went to VA because they did this. I found out I have poor blood flow to my intestines and they didn't do anything except give me an MRI and said no blockage. As long as it still works, I should be good and scheduled a follow-up appointment next Tuesday. I know they can't do anything because my heart is bad and I believe I am just dying slowly.

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Dandy Dan, I'm glad that you don't have a blockage. Listening to you makes my heart heavy as you say you believe you're dying slowly. Is your heart that bad? Did the doctor tell you that, or is that how you feel? Dan is not over till the higher power says so, not man. Please don't give up, hold on. The brain is a powerful thing. If you tell the brain you're dying, it somehow takes over and does exactly what you ask or think. Wait until your appointment. It's so possible that the issue you're having can be fixed. You will be in my prayers! Angelicamarie

Girl Scout

I know you must feel so alone with this but you are not.

Alone. I have had that dark loose stool and when I eat certain binding foods it goes away. I have found that strong coffee makes it this way. It comes and goes. Try to find the beauty around you. I didn't have UC but constant diarrhea from radiation a long time ago. I like my pouch..... I don't have to stop that often! Take care.

Homie With A Stomie NS
Reply to Dandy Dan

Mike, I have an ileostomy, but can tell you sometimes the waste in my bag looks black, especially after coffee or Pepsi. But when I dump and wipe the lip of the pouch, it is brown, as well as in the bowl. I had a heart attack year prior to this surgery and was on the table over 8 hours for it, so never give up. This is just a day in the life of us ostomates. It could be something you ate not agreeing with you, even if you haven't changed the menu. Your tummy can be saying "not today". Try a little heat from a heating pad or a warm bath to give pain relief, and remember to drink loads of water. #ostomateskeeponfighting...

Smile on, your homie with a stomie.


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