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Hernia around stoma


got another hernia!!already had 2 fixed but this time its not an emergency  was wondering how much discomfort is normal??

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Hello Skip. I do not see anything ‘normal’ about hernias or the discomfort that goes with them. The hernias I have relating to the stoma and surrounding area are relatively insignificant compared with my hiatus hernia so I just accept them and get on with my life as ’normal’ (as possible).
(Note: I’ve lost this post twice already- so this is a cut& paste job from WORD.)
Best wishes


Good morning, Skip,

I had a peristomal hernia fixed when i had my colostomy takedown.  My hernia didn't hurt at all, but it made the bag fit not great.  The doctor used an absorbable tissue reinforcement called bio a.  It has worked so far and i have had little discomfort.

Please be hyper aware of all the medical device safety issues and those advocating for mesh patients when you discuss hernia repair with your surgeon.

I help out on a fb page called "medical device problems" there is a group represented by the mesh patients as well.  a lot of good information is posted.  Also, if you get a chance, please watch the Netflix documentary "the bleeding edge" as it also discusses mesh, and other medical device safety issues.

Best of luck,



I have a pretty big parastomal hernia myself. Dr sd they wouldnt mess with it unless i had pain or blockage. Hope eberything goes good for you.


Went through 4 parastomal hernia repairs in 8 years due to size and discomfort.  My last repair was November ‘17 in Philly by a colo-rectal and a plastics surgeon using a modified sugarbaker proceedure.  9 months out...everything’s tight...sugarbaker works.


thanks everybody  really tired of hospitals but now i feel nauseous when i eat..

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