Scuba Diving with a Colostomy: Any Experiences?


Does anyone scuba dive or know of anyone with a colostomy who scuba dives?


I have an ileostomy and have been scuba diving a few times, both in cold water with a full wetsuit and warm water. I never had any issues with it. I haven't been for a while now.

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20 years with an ostomy and have been diving 10+ years of it. When you sign up for your course, one of the questions on the medical questionnaire they ask is if you have an ostomy. I don't know why they ask, to be honest, because when I checked yes, they said no problem (they being the dive shop who want your business, of course). So I confirmed with my GI, and there's no problem. I have a note from just in case I run into a lazy dive shop or an ignorant one. I've dived all over the world and never had an issue, always made sure I'm not on the tail end of a pouch, mind you, and of course empty it all before you hit the water. But yeah, carry on, nothing you can't do! Any questions, let me know, diving is rad! Do it!!


Hello Bearably 50. I don't dive now myself as I don't get the opportunities I once had. However, there have been past posts on this subject and nobody seems to have had any real problems with it. Go and enjoy yourself.

Best wishes



Bearably50, I have been diving most of my adult life; before and after having an ileostomy. I have never had any issues during a dive. I wear a protective seal over my flange whenever I do any watersports to prevent water from getting under my flange. Go to (Sure Seal rings). You may also be able to get this product through your usual medical provider. I scuba dive, freedive, surf, snorkel, etc., and use this product without worry. I hope you are able to take the time to enjoy this amazing sport. Best wishes, Paul.

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Before my surgery, my ostomy nurse said that she used to tell her patients that you will be able to do anything but scuba dive after surgery, but she could not say that anymore because she has a patient that does scuba dive and has been fine! Guess you will have to talk to your doctor if you want to try.


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