Irrigation Troubles: Water and Waste Disappearing?


I have been irrigating for 6-7 months now and last week something really weird happened! I irrigated with 1500cc of warm water and nothing happened. The water did not come back out nor did the poop! So, I was pretty sure there was no blockage because I had output earlier in the day. Well, it happened again today. All I got was a little sludge! I have a Coloplast irrigation bag and the water was warm enough when I started, maybe it cooled too quickly! I added another 500 or so cc's of warmer water and waited and only a small amount of poo came out but no water! Where the hell did it all go?

Has this happened to anyone else that irrigates? It was normal in between the one time last week and this week! Do you think it is all temperature related. My body may just not like Wednesdays, hump day! Lol who knows! Opinions, experience?

Thanks in advance!



As a general rule, water temperature does not affect your return. However, if the water is too cool, you may experience some cramping. I always get my water to exactly the right temperature. It takes a little practice, and one of those little 5-digit cooking thermometers from Walmart makes it so much easier. Stick it in the stream of water from the tap and adjust until it's just right. Fill the bag, and if required, adjust again with small amounts from a drinking glass. As for the no return, I think that maybe the water didn't get in... There is always a small amount that "escapes" when you are putting it in. Monitor the amount and put a little extra in (always fill the bag to the top marking so you have a little extra). Did you have trouble getting the water in? If the water went in smoothly, it stands to reason that you are not blocked, and it should return just as easily. If you are standing when putting in the water, try sitting... Everybody's a little different, so you will have to experiment. Keep us posted, please. Good luck.

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Hello Puppyluv. I agree with MMSH. we all need to experiment until we find what suits us best. I used to use a thermometer, but now I just feel the water temperature to make sure it's not too hot or cold. As for the amounts, I used to use the hanging bags with cones but found them to be next to useless for my needs. Eventually I designed my own system with a portable camping shower and a plastic cereal box filled with 3 ltrs of water and a tube fitted with an anal catheta end - Much of the water escapes in splashback during the input process but I'm not bothered about that because enough of it gets into the colon to do the job. Sometimes I have very little semi-solid output, so I presume that what does come out is what I have just put in.

Since doing it in this way, I have had no problems and no worries.

Have you explored the Braun irripump? This is a similar idea to mine without the large amount of water storage. It's expensive, but they will send you one on a trial basis so you can return it if it's not suitable for you.

I wouldn't be too concerned about changes from one irrigation to the next. it will probably all settle down to a regular routine over time, but even now,  after years of irrigation, I have times when I canot account for what goes on. What's the saying?-- ' KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!'

Best wishes



Puppyluv.... Mmsh and Bill were two of several that introduced and instructed me to irrigating. I have yet to achieve 100 percent success. As far as the Bruan irri Pump me and you spoke of that last year, I did in fact look into that, it's not FDA approved in the states. So for now, it's trial and error. Hang in there. Good luck!


Thanks Angel,

This was just weird! I think it had all come out now but still wondering about the cause. Just seems like there should be way more options and advancement with this technology!

Stay warm up there in Kentucky!


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Mmsh and Bill,

Thanks guys! I was sitting as always and had no variation in my process! My diet has changed but had not changed last week, so I ruled that out. (I may need some French fries for a lube job) lol I did get the Coloplast bag with temp on it but glad to know output does not depend on water temp! The thermometer sounds better than waiting for the temp meter to catch up! I did not have any cramps. All the water went in with the exception of a little that escapes from pushing down too far or moving the position. But I always fill the bag to the very top to compensate for that and so I will have around 700 cc of water to rinse the sleeve.

Bill, I will have to look into that pump and the cost in the US. Sounds interesting! Until then, will just check it off as another day in the life of being an Ostomate! Lol

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