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Paranormal hernia and back pain


Hello! I had my iliostomy since may 2018. Developed parastomal hernia in July and seems to get larger and larger throughout the day.  I have terrible back pain pretty much constant when I'm on my feet too long. Does anyone else have this problem and if so, what do you do for relief? Thanks! 

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Hi, I don't have this problem thankfully, but have read something in the past that may help. When you have pain, and the lump is large, try laying on your back, relax, and put some light pressure on the hernia. This can help to push it back down into place, and relieve pain. The other option is surgery to have it repaired.


Thank you. I'm hoping to have stoma reversed and hernia repaired in a couple months! 


I had a parastomal hernia and also had it fixed with my colostomy reversal. I think when things are moving through that area is when I noticed it bigger or painful. 

Laying on my back for awhile helped a ton. 

Make sure to ask a lot of questions around how they are planning to fix the hernia. That polypropylene mesh is causing many problems for folks. My surgeon used a bio mesh (body absorbs in 6 months) gore bio a and it has been fine so far (had it for about a year) there are others in that category as well. And if he has a technique he uses that works and holds up without any mesh or if you don’t need it, even better from what I have heard. 

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice on the mesh! I'm hoping to have my reversal in April or may! Provided my anastomosis leak is healed!


Good to wait for reversal until everyone is confident you have healed!

i had a colostomy reversal December 20, 2017. I went in for surgery at 7 am. I was home by noon on the 21st. Everything started right up and has been working since... make sure to follow the bowel prep instructions thoroughly (enjoy that it is a small sacrifice) and plan on changing/emptying your bag a lot) and ask a ton of questions. 

FYI I had about 5 inches of my sigmoid colon removed and 2 inches of jejunum  

Good luck!!!

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