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Ostomy belt or not?


what are the advantages/disadvantages of using a belt for my stoma bag? I had my colostomy 2 months ago and am searching for best solutions for comfort, changing etc.

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Hi.  I hsve a colostomy and have had it since October 2018. I find with the products i used I did not need to use a belt. I have just started to irrigate so I do use the belt when doing that but otherwise no. I would think if you are doing exercise of some sort you may want to use a belt fir extra security. Hope this helps


Thanks. As a newby I find there is so much to learn. Best products for cleaning ,adhesive remover, Barrier creams etc.. It can be very confusing.belt, no belt, with this flange/that!


I use Hollister products except I use Brav rings. I find using a belt gives you a little more sense of security and helps to keep your bag on if it gets a little heavy. If you do heavy work a hernia belt maybe recommended. For adhesive remover or skin preps I have no preference. They all seem do a good job. Cleaning in the shower with out bag on I use lather from my shampoo to clean myself. Other wise just use TP to wipe it clean and that is good enough, your stoma is ment to handle poo so if it is not a 100% clean that does not matter.

Starting out is a real challenge.


I presume you"re referring to a ConvaTec or other brand of Ostomy Appliance Belt. I have been using such a belt since I've had my ileostomy many years ago. It's easy to hook on to the pouch, comfortable to wear, and easily washes during my daily shower. It provides that extra security to avoid having leaks. I can't imagine why an ostomate wouldn"t want to wear a belt.  


New at this,

Do you have a Colostomy or Ileostomy! If you have a Colostomy, you may want to consider irrigation once your wounds heal! Either way, I have tried so many Products and have found less is best! I have tried all the ppowders and sprays and nothing make any difference. I tried Convetec one piece first. It was horrible! Fine for the hospital stay where there was no output yet. After fumbling with leak after leak, I tried the Coloplast one piece. Pre cut first and then I prefer cut to fit. That was much better but not the perfect product. So I tried the Convetec two piece! It was great and I never had a leak! It does get to look like an old sweater by the time you change. So I finally changed to Coloplast two piece! They are much more sturdy and have had one pouch last up to 17 days! I used the Brava Y barrier strips on the outside for extra assurance of no leaks but now an trying without those! I have been playing around with barrier rings and have not found them to lengthen my pouch life or anything. I did like to cut a ring in half and roll like spaghetti and place around my stoma and then place the flange on. Just have to cut it a little bigger than I would without the roll.  I do think it helped .I do use adhesive remover wipe when I change my flange to be sure I get all the old sticky stuff off. Good luck in finding what works best for you! Call Convetec and ask for free samples of their one and two piece pouches, the same with Coloplast and Hollister! They are glad to send them. They will send barrier rings, wipes, barrier strips too! See what you like. 



I have a urostomy bag and I find a comfort belt very helpful. It takes the weight off the bag and reduces the number of leaks. 


Great, whatever works is awesome! Lots of folks use belts! Sure would help with hernias as well! 


I had an ileostomy and I was more comfortable without the belt.  I started out wearing it and it would become twisted and ride up.  I would empty my bag at one third full.  Hope this helps.



I have always used a belt, but when I herniated my stoma got a little bigger where i needed go one size bigger flange, I then found the belt was pulling the sides too much causing the top and bottom of the flange to curl out. I found out about this belt from .Its called Nu-Comfort ostomy belt, I ordered online from a medical supply place (around $40 CAN), just google and something should come up

 I love this belt, holds the pounch evenly all around, nice comfortable 2" wide belt. It is a hard plastic ring. Make sure you do precise mesurements before ordering. I wear this belt all the time except in the shower.

I don't think this bely will work with the Coloplast MioClick but works with Hollister and Convatec

Newatthis wrote:

what are the advantages/disadvantages of using a belt for my stoma bag? I had my colostomy 2 months ago and am searching for best solutions for comfort, changing etc.

A belt is handy for keeping the bag attached especially if you use a two piece. I would guess that it has nothing to do with comfort, though. 


Some of it depends on lifestyle, but I wear a two-piece system, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking my chances without a belt; I’d be too afraid of the two pieces detaching. 

That said, I’ve started wearing the StealthBelt Pro, and it’s been an absolute game-changer. I have an active job as a paramedic, and I do a lot of sports like SCUBA diving, skydiving, etc... and IMHO the StealthBelt is infinitely more comfortable, secure, and aesthetically appealing. I also love how you wear the bag horizontally above the belt-line. Since I wear uniform pants with a duty-belt with a heavy radio on it, wearing the bag in the usual vertical position would’ve been extremely uncomfortable, if not impossible. Wearing it horizontally in the StealthBelt also distributes the weight better, so it doesn’t feel nearly as heavy.

like I said: game changer.

Newatthis wrote:

what are the advantages/disadvantages of using a belt for my stoma bag? I had my colostomy 2 months ago and am searching for best solutions for comfort, changing etc.

A belt helped me a lot.  my stoma herniaded and stuck out 2" and wanted to hang low... Belt is a must..


I've had great luck with the Nu-hope belt.  I use a 2-piece Hollister and the belt fits around the outside of the base.  Be sure to order the exact size as your base.  Nu-Hope recommends a larger flange but I order mine the same diameter as my Hollisters which is 2 5/8".  The belt is very comfortable and I don't even notice it is on.  Good luck.


I have a colostomy,  a hernia  of my stoma and an umbilical hernia. so I wear a 4 in Nu Hope belt  but not all the time.  If I am doing anything strenious then yes   I tried a wider belt and it was very uncomfortable,  kep tsliding down  so I bought a narrow one  will get another one when I can  I wear a one piece Hollister pouch,  and very happy with the Nu Hope belt  I think it is a matter of preferance  Mecicare  paid for mine I am glad as they can be a little pricey,  also if you have a supplier Edgepark  etc  they can order one for you.


Never used a belt! I hate even using a belt to irrigate. Normally my sleeve would snap into my pouch but Coloplast has not seemed to fit their small flanges with a sleeve. Wanted to send me some stick on sleeves! NOT! So having to use a belt to hold a Convetec sleeve over my Coloplast flange! 

The belts seem to roll as you move! Uncomfortable. I guess if it was wider, it may be better. I am tall so I guess it depends on your body as to which will work well! They are very beneficial for hernias!



Since you are Newathis, you'll need to read these great offerings and decide which ones you'll experiment with.  I use customized hernia belts from Nu-Hope.  The belts seem to hold my guts in place, provide a great compression system for the wafer seal and give me a real sense of confidence.   Now, not to mess your head up, I also fabricate and attach "pockets" inside my tee shirts.  I cut a square about 4" X 4" and use the iron on glue to secure them.  This prevents the pouch from becoming visible (if my outer shirt should rise up) because the tee shirt pocket hides it.

It's said, "If it ain't broke don't fix it".  If that philosophy was followed since the beginning of time we would still be living in caves.  We can almost always make things better for ourselves and others.




I've had iliostomy since may 2018. Started out with one piece. Had leaks pretty much daily. So frustrating.  Switched to 2 piece and use a belt. Now change once a week to 10 days! So much better. Good luck! This is a journey! 


I purchased the Stealthbelt Pro and wear it 24/7. A little spendy but works great. I was a little worried about having the bag sideways and how that would impact output but no problems so far. 



A two piece system makes all the difference in the world! 

One piece was not good for me either. I used to wear the extra protection of Barrier strips and don’t even have to bother with those with the Coloplast products!




can this belt be used with a 1 piece pouch? 

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