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Trying to figure out what I can eat


Currently I am finishing chemo so basically I am on the bland starchy diet because anything else tastes like metal and rottenness. Anyway I know once chemo is done and my body heals that my ileostomy and I can enjoy a wider variety of foods. But I have questions on if other ileostomy folks have had success on these foods I hope to eat..

1. BlackBerry

2. Cabbage (cooked and raw)

3. Sesame seeds like on bread

4. Green onions and chives 

5. Salad greens

6. Greens like collard or mustard, cooked

7. Bean sprouts like used in Asian foods

8. Bok Choi

9. Celery cooked and or raw

10. Pineapple

11. Spaghetti squash

12. Fresh raw tomato

13. Spinach raw and cooked

14. Raw onion

15. Cilantro 

Also does anyone else have issues digesting beef and pork? I can do ground meats in small quantity but otherwise even if I chew to death it gives me stomach /intestine pain and slows my ostomy down/blockage. Also pizza and spaghetti. ..favorite foods of mine, cause pain and either a sort of blockage where it takes longer than it should to be out of me, or at too much output.   Also do fatty foods cause issue as for ne they cause terrible pain...for days. So I dont eat fried food, pizza, to much cheese or cream. 

But...i am wasting away! I know chemo is part to blame. But I have lost 15 lbs since I got my ileostomy in September a d I'm very thin to start with. I cant eat much protein or fat, but so far (likely due to chemo diet and my can I eat it list above of foods I have yet to eat) I feel like I am living off of sweets and starches. I want to go nearly sugar free (and no aspartame or other fake sugar) but i am bnot sure how to without becoming basically anorexic. I have tried protein drinks but they're very sweet and chemo gives neuropathy so I cant have anything cold .. but hopefully neuropathy will be gone once chemo is done.


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Wow, Gemd, your entire list looks to be troublesome foods of any of us. I have to do some in small amounts but having a Colostomy, I tolerate most everything! Get gas but no blockage and because I irrigate, I am usually looking for the foods that slow down my output. Never had any pains from any foods! Honey Nut Cheerios are a definite no no for me! Lol

i think your plan is good, once your chemo is done you can start working these things back into your diet little at a time! Some will be great, some not! You will know! 

Had any chance to try the new two piece pouches?  Hope so! They should work great! 



baked beans? cheese? steamed veg?

1st let me say everyone is different on what they can and Connor eat. Meats I have no problem with with any of them just cut on small pieces . Greens and salads I eat them all on the greens I make sure the stems are removed and it is cut / chopped under. Raw vegetables and fruits again cut up into small pieces. Squash, vilest icut inhalf and remove the seed. Spaghetti squash bean sprouts Chinese veggies I avoid due to stringiest of them. Fruits are all peeled tomatoes I eat in salads and a slice on my bugers. Pineapple and, grapfuit and oranges I do I eat idrink the non pulp juice. Popcorn., nuts , corn I avoid. You must always remember to chew everything you eat really well. and drink liquids. My doctor told me icaneat anything I want just remember some foods are more prone to cause blockage. Some people can eat anything they want others cannot . Try a small amount 1st if it works then eat it. Small bites a chew chew chew.


That should be squash cuked cut in half and remove seed 


I had an ileostomy for a year and a half.  I stayed away from nuts and raw fruits and vegetables.  I chewed my food well and had smaller meals spaced throughout the day.  Everything else was okay.


Hi, I've had an ileostomy for 13 years and my digestion has definitely changed over the years. Everyone is very different so start off with small portions to see how your body tolerates things and know that that can also change over time.

I rarely eat meat but I do eat fish and shellfish with no problems. I also eat everything else that I like, I realise I am lucky. I use to stay away from nuts but in recent years I've been eating them with no problems...same with seeds. 

I can eat all salad and greens (I use to avoid them but now love them, I'm not really a fan of greens that are stringy or tough to begin with). I practically live on spiinach. I stay away from deep fried foods mostly as its unhealthy but I've never had problems when I do have them. I try to eat healthy, mostly veggies, but I do have a bit of a sweet tooth. 

I find the "cleaner" my diet, then things aren't as smelly. Feel free to message me too for more info


Not to bring you down but when I read your list I thought you were joking, Those foods are the Most problematic

If I ate those I'd be in soo much pain 12 hours later.  I was a Vegan for 3 years and Yes Now I'm Not because I can't digest most veggies fruits and salads.  I have a Ileostomy more problems then a colstomy.  Proteins seem to digest fine this includes most meats.  Hoe this helps


Sorry about the wasting away.  After I went home 2 years ago I thought I was an expert at gaining weight.  So I made delicious crock pot meals... a beef roast with carrots potatoes (celery and  onion Bad Choice) that I removed or so I thought.

Even though the food I made melted in ones mouth I was in the ER within 36 hours gulping like a fish out of water.  Blockages are no joke and the remedies are barbaric.  They starved me of All Food and liquids for 3.5 days while pumping my stomach via a hose up my nose and down all the way into my stomach I remember seeing the xray.  I went in at 127 lbs and left the hospital at 107lbs Then preceded to lose another 8 lbs for a grand Total of 99 lbs.  I'm male and weighed 147-155 pre cancer.

I saw my surgeon and said look what they have done to me!  Can you please help?  He ordered TPN it's intraveinous feeding and it worked on top of eating like a baby for 3 months just my story and I'm sticking to it!  Gotta go Dr appt, bye for now, Donavon


Hi Gemd

Sorry you are having such a rough go of it. I have had a colostomy for 5 years now. I remember the lack of taste and neuropathy ( vitamin B6 helped neuropathy which in my case presented as tingling in finger and numbness in toes) fingers got better toes. Never did,

i agree with others everyone will have different reactions to foods. I am fortunate to be able to eat most things, in moderation. I do limit my intake of salad greens and high fiber foods. I do not eat grains nuts or corn. They just don’t digest properly for me. I hope things improve for you as you progress and complete treatment. As far as mu Ostomy I have no regrets, it is why I am still here.

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