Recovery Time for Partial Barbie Butt Surgery?


I'm tentatively having my Barbie butt surgery June 12. It's not a full Barbie butt as some was removed from where they did my colectomy but the last few cm, lymph nodes and tissues will be removed and well I get the Barbie butt stitch. Family wants to visit around July 1 or July 4, will I be up for company? After my partial proctectomy and full colectomy with ileostomy I had family I think 3 weeks after surgery and was slow going but feeling well.



I would hope your visiting family will help you and prepare meals during their visit! You should be feeling great by then and ready for company, but not if you have to do all the work that company normally brings! Take it slow. Only you know what will be required of you and how you normally recover from surgeries. They should understand if you feel you cannot have guests so soon!


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Hi. You'll be in pain for a while...especially when you're sitting down. I think it took me almost 3 months before I was totally pain-free. It lessens by the day, though...and everybody is different. As Puppy said, you'll be in great shape for company, as long as you don't have to do any of the work that goes along with house guests. I doubt you'll be up for that in 3 weeks. House cleaning, cooking, entertaining on the 4th of July, etc. can be a lot of work. You'll know if you're up to all that by then. If your family stays elsewhere and is willing to do most, if not all, of the work, you'll be fine for company. Good luck. I'm sure your family will understand.


Hi Gemd.  I would advise you to tell your family you'll let them know when you feel well enough to have visitors.  You don't need any more pressure on you like getting better in time for your guests.  




If you mean will you feel like having family visit for a few hours and to order take-out...highly probable.

If you mean hosting them for a few days, feeding and entertaining them, no. Don't do that to yourself. Unless you feel comfortable giving them free rein in your kitchen and letting them do it all.

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Hosting them as they live 11 hours away. But two weeks post-op, getting my entire colon, my upper rectum, and my appendix removed, I was up for company. I wasn't cleaning and cooking like mad, but I was able to fold laundry or hand wash dishes or cook simply, like dice a potato and cook it in the oven. I couldn't walk around Walmart and needed a scooter, but I could make it down my three-pickup truck driveway to get the mail or check my garden at the end of my acre yard.


Yes, I had mine done on Dec 17th. I still can't really sit at all, pillows are my best friend!!! And I was wondering also how long it took you all to actually sit down. I was told at least 3-4 months????

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