Ostomy flanges constantly leaking and falling off - need help!

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My ileostomy flanges are leaking and/or falling off daily. I make sure my skin is dry when I change the bag. I've been using ConvaTec products. I've had my ostomy for over 40 years. I'm at my wits' end. Any ideas on what I can do?

gary S.

It's puzzling why your flanges are failing so quickly. A couple of thoughts. First, try a liquid or very soft diet for a few days and see if that helps. Too much bulk or fiber can push underneath the flange especially at night. Second, if not already doing so, wear a belt. Finally, try samples of products from other manufacturers and see if they make a difference. Sometimes a different product will adhere better for no other reason than personal body type and chemistry.

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You may have a defective batch. Call the supplier. They will need the lot number. You can call them and report this. They should be willing to send you more. This happened to me a couple of years ago. I had very good service. They replaced the box for free. You can also request free samples from the suppliers. It may be that another type of pouching system will work better for you.

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Try gently warming up the flanges with a hairdryer until it gets warm to the touch (not hot), it softens it up so it forms and sticks better to the skin.


Sounds like your supplies are off-spec. Call your distributor, who may put you in touch with your manufacturer. I had a 'bad batch', it was replaced and then some...they may ask you to send back several pieces. I sent the whole damn box. This is frustrating and maddening, after forty years, I can hardly believe it has anything to do with you and your ability to care for your stoma. Go get 'em...

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I had this problem and one manufacturer sent me some that stuck so well that I had a job to get them off!  In the end  I made my own flanges and stuck their products to my bases. My bases are held in place by a combination of belts and medical adhesive spray. I has occurred to me that the medical adhesive spray might work if applied to normal flanges so it might be worth a try.

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I am not a veteran ostomate, soon to have my 1st anniversary, but have never had a pouch fall off! I too agree that you must have received a defective batch. I use nothing more than adhesive remover wipes but do blow dry my skin and the flange when I change to ensure dryness! Less seems to be best, and if you have changed nothing in your routine, it surely points to the product!


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