Excessive Mucus Discharge from Ostomy


I have had an ostomy for almost two years now. For about the last three months, I am having more than usual mucus discharge. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks so much, Cindy.


I have this problem and the only relief I have had is to use Calmoseptine ointment as the mucus is acidic. Hope this helps.

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Is this liquid from around the stoma? This is what I have and it, in a few days, penetrates the flange adhesion. Looking to find something to absorb the liquid. Any ideas?


It's pretty normal for that to happen. If there is blood or discomfort, you should see your surgeon. What's left of your rectum is still trying to do its job, even though there is nothing attached to it. My surgeon told me when I started having that, that it was probably residual colitis left in the rectum, or diversion proctitus. I had that problem solved right after Thanksgiving last year by having the rectal stump removed, no rectum, no discharge.


Thanks Sasquatch, I have no blood or discomfort. My stoma is out about 2" and have developed a hernia bulge. Do you mean you had your stoma cut off that was sticking out??

How to Manage Ostomy Leaks with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

I think we are talking about different issues. Where is your discharge coming from? I had my rectum and anus removed. They say leaving it in place with nothing attached to it is a cancer risk.

Concerned granddaughter

Would you happen to know if it's normal to have a bowel movement out the anus with an ileostomy?


They - who exactly is they? Patients?? Or you're saying doctors?? That left a stump in clearly knew the possibility of cancer forming after they removed your colon and still they leave a stump? I'd sue these quacks. Define your source please. 

Where did you have your surgery?

I am faced with a stump that bleeds now some three years post-op...and about 6 inches of a rectum/colon left being yearly documented via sig scope.. and on meds.. but.. barely controlling the bleed.. it is really frustrating thinking I need more surgery now not to stop bleeding but to prevent cancer!!!?? Doctors told me removal of the intestine would prevent cancer. No one said a stump could predispose you to it.. Damn them.. 

On another note.. how are you doing as a "Ken Butt" these days.. (you know all sewn up down there).?? I was told some frightening side effects could occur like E.D. and prostate issues.. and I was also told there were still leakage possible. WFT? So are you completely sealed? And what issues do you have now you're surprised to find??

Thanks. So far you and another guy are my two main peeps on this topic. I sincerely hope we can help each other cause I do not trust a doctor worth a shit.

Thanks. Warrior