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Just received one package of 5 guards for the stoma. Since having the stoma, I have always had reservations about protecting it. There are quite a few styles and brands. Found this on the Edge Park website. They told me the insurance would not cover 5, only 3 last week. Today, five come. Hot damn! So... does anyone else share a notion about protecting their tiny front butt hole? This one from "Stoma Guard" at the Edge Park site is all hard plastic and it's just a neat cover that, with adhesive, attaches to the top of your appliance. No belts, no paste... looks like 3M tape. Will try to get a photo... From just looking at it... very simple... I do feel it will create more of a bulge look but nothing that a double extra-large shirt can't cover or hide. Film at eleven. And go...


Hi warrior,

Yeah, there are quite a lot of ostomy covers, guards, protectors, shields, etc. out there. They range from 1/4" thick aluminum wave-shaped covers to thin plastic cups (that remind me of wearing a jock and cup back in Jr High) and everything in between. I've considered trying a few, but find I need access to my bag frequently during the day to empty and to slide the more solid output down into the bag, so it would end up being just something else I'd have to deal with all the time. There are certainly times I'd like my stoma and bag better protected (like when I forget to loop my seatbelt strap over my knee and it chokes off my stoma, or when my pooch gets excited and paws my bag with her razor-sharp claws, etc), but I'm too lazy to investigate. Sounds like you're pretty happy with yours, so that's cool! I'm considering putting an internal pocket in my Stealth Belt clone and then 3-D printing a thermoplastic cover at work. I'll see how that goes.



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Hello warrior. 

In the early days of having a stoma I was handling a lot of dogs and was worried about being scratched, so I bought a stoma guard. It was shaped in a way that (theoretically) it would guide the output downwards and into the bag without pancaking. In practice, it acted like a barrier and was permanently compacted with output. Needless to say, I only wore it for the times when I was in danger of being scratched, and I was relieved when I finally got to irrigate and no longer needed bags during the day. - It is so much easier to find a suitable protective barrier when there isn't the problem of output. However, nowadays, during and after irrigation, I feel the need to guide output into the sleeve( which also acts as a bag overnight). I achieve this by using plastic 90degree bend used for water waste. This is attached to a baseplate I made up with a small sleeve so that it protects the stoma and the bend can be attached and removed at will.  This gadget has worked very well for about 2-3 years, bu I do not think it would be suitable for everyday use as is protrudes too far out and might be an embarrassment for some people. It's not an embarrassment for me because I welcome the opportunity  of explaining stoma stuff to people who make the slightest hint at being interested. I also enjoy 'challenging' those few people who make comments try to be deliberately embarrassing. I view these as yet another type of bully, to be confronted and exposed for what they are!

Sorry to have diverted from the subject somewhat, but sometimes people do not wear or use what is appropriate or comfortable because of what other people might say or think. I feel I need to be an ambassador for the 'rights' of an individual to wear whatever they think suits their own needs, without negative and derogatory judgements from others. After all, most people no longer make snide remarks about crutches, wheelchairs etc,  and those that do, need to be taken to task about their unacceptable behaviour. 

Best wishes



Thanks guys. All good input. I have not used it yet. I could see a problem with pancaking though. Since I wear my bag sideways, I don't know how this will affect output. Time and usage will tell. Keep warm.

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I only ever used a stoma guard when I used to do martial arts, never felt a need to wear one in everyday life or at work.

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Hi. Thanks. Guess it depends on your working conditions like me.   Auto mechanic. You can imagine the various positions I'm placed in.

Also..there are people socially who have the habit of touching your stomach while they get your attention and keep it.   Sometimes I catch their hand in mid-flight..telling them to stop doing that. Or I'll poop on them.  

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