Experience with Osto-Bond adhesive?


Does anyone have experience with this stuff?

I just got some and am nervous about using it because it sounds stronger than shoe glue with its setting time, flammable warnings, etc.

Trying to clothe my revised nightmare stoma and looking for adhesion 2.0.


Hi Be,

I checked it out on Amazon and there's no reviews. But it's latex glue, which means rubber-based and not very strong (compared to other glue types). It's waterproof when dry typically, and as best I can tell, pretty harmless. The Osto-Bond can it comes in with the plain white label sure looks a little suspect. Looks like something someone made in their garage one weekend. I'm kidding, I'm sure it's good stuff. I highly doubt it's stronger than original Shoe Goo.....which is pretty sticky stuff. Oh...you said shoe glue, not Shoe Goo. My bad. Actually, BAW might be interested in this stuff to seal around her stoma......so let me know how this works out.



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I've used Torbot Bonding Cement for years. It's a must if you're an active person. I get up to three weeks from a wafer and have no problem backpacking and sailing...would not be possible without Torbot.


I have not tried osto-bond, but use the Adapt 7730 medical adhesive, which works well and comes off easily with the Brava adhesive remover spray.

Are there not any reviews for osto-bond on the WWW? ( not that you can trust reviews - except the ones that are negative!)

Best wishes



Who makes this "super-glue"? Please and thank you.

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Hi Shar,

The Adapt 7730 is a Hollister product and the Osto-Bond is made by Torbot.




I got some of the Osto-Bond on the stoma accidentally... Rosebud turned dark, dark, dark red (like it was really, really, really angry).

Freaked me out.

Goodbye Osto-Bond, hello Adapt 7730.


I'm an active ostomate with a permanent ileostomy (20+ years) who skis in winter (and uses a hot tub + sauna apres ski) + runs 15+ miles a week the rest of the year. I find Osto-Bond cement to be a bit better at getting longer wear on my appliance under these conditions than Torbot. I have used both extensively.

However, my preferred ostomy supplier has stopped carrying Osto Bond, so I am going to try Torbot again. If I find that it is not as good in doing the job, I'll buy Osto-Bond from another supplier AND I'll update this post to confirm my results.


Hi skilover1,

That's interesting... when you do all that activity, how often do you have to change your barrier? I'm thinking you're obviously doing something right!!




Hi w30bob,

I usually get to 7 days and change it then. Sometimes in the summer if it's really hot, or if I'm using the hot tub a lot, a day less than that.  




Interesting. I've used Torbot for 6+ years and love it. I would've assumed they're the same product but I'll give Osto-Bond a try.

By the way, I usually get 2-3 weeks out of a pouch/wafer and I'm also very active. The application process is the key. Clean and dry the skin thoroughly. I also tape the wafer edges with Leukotape and wear a Nu-Hope hernia belt during activities.


For anyone using Hollister medical adhesive spray 7730 - I have recently heard from a rep (told me in 5/21) - they are discontinuing this product. What is left on shelves is all that is left. If this is a product you love/use - stock up.

It is really a shame because it is such a unique product. The Torbot and Nu-Hope adhesive glue is more in a "mod-podge" little can, and you paint it on the skin/wafer - let it sit for a few minutes to get tacky and then apply.

We don't use adhesives often, but when a patient needs them - there is no substitute for a good adhesive.

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