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Electrolysis around your stoma


Has anyone ever heard of this as opposed to shaving? I use an electric body shaver, as I was told early in the process to avoid razors and potential I grown hairs. I guess I'm looking to see what's the "latest and greatest" out there for permanent hair removal.

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Hi time,

  Yeah, electrolysis is a pretty common permanent hair removal method.  I guess the biggest drawback is the possibility of infection from the needle, and you sure don't want any infections near your stoma.  Laser hair removal is the other option, but isn't a permanent solution.  You might want to check with the Dermatologist who'll be doing the procedure to see if they'd even do it on skin near your stoma.




Never heard of these techniques..over tqo yrs I've been using razor and small scissors. It does get hairy around stoma.  I recall somethung called neat hair remover.  Way back used it on Halloween...on their foes...and i guess it made u bald if sprayed on yur foes head.. Im wondering if this product is still available..neat or was it nair? Seems like the lesser of two evils. 


Hi TTG.  I stopped shaving over a year ago and use a facial hair trimmer to remove the hair where the wafer and its adhesive will attach.  It works for me.



I have been using a manual razor,shave cream and a pair of scissors for the last 16 years.It's a inconveinience I've learned to accept.

The only time I really hate doing it is when I'm camping.Overall you get use to it.... 


I pluck hairs around my stoma, but only those that grow close. It there is hair outside about 3/4 inch away from my stoma I just leave it be. Lucky for me I am not overly hairy in general and I'm rather thin haired at best on my chest/stomach. Full head of hair up0 top though, no sign of hair loss so go figure. :) 

In regard to pulling hair, I use a fine tweezer and pull close to the skin to get the entire hair. They all grow back no matter what and I'd guess I pull them about once a month. 

I tried my electric trimmer that I use on my beard there once and after one nick of the skin that was that. 


I shave in the shower.. But I learned not to use a shaver with a sidebern trimmer blade. I've cut my stoma a couple of time.. I also with use a beard trimmer if the hair gets to long next to my stoma.. I couldn't see using electolisis to remove hair for two reasons. Trying to have it completed before my stoma sens a greating and how the chance of infection would be increased because of the procedure.. I'm a very hairy person and it has been a battle but shaving in the shower has been my best option.. Good Luck and Merry Christmas.. 


I haven't shaved that area in years. I used to shave since I'd picture frame the wafer with 2" tape, however, I guess that the hair just gave up after being shaved and then just sticking to the wafer and tape when I would change my appliance.

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