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Question for those ostomy "veterans". I'm about 5 years in and have noticed that over the last year or so, I only need to do minimal shaving around my stoma. Is that something you guys have noticed over time?

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 Hi Time, 

I am 13 months in and I have to shave around my stoma area once or twice a month, but then again I've got a lot of fur. 



I've had my ileostomy 10 years and I shave around my stoma when it's time for me to shave my face which I do twice a week. I tried once not to shave around my stoma and got a really bad wound from pulling the hair out changing. And I also is a bit on the hairy side.

charleston guy

Posts:2530 guys are lucky.  I change my barrier every other day and need to shave around my stoma each time.  Don't think the stubble would have a problem sticking to the barrier, but just don't think it's a healthy environment to begin with under the barrier/bandage, so I'm not taking any chances.  If you need a really good, cheap electric foil razor I highly recommend the Panasonic's cordless, runs forever on rechargable batteries, runs smooth and is CHEAP!  Just sayin'.




30 years for me only in the last 5 years has it slowed down slightly now instead of shaving every week I shave every 3 weeks now 


adhesive pulled all my stomache fuzz out so I don't bother shaving


Bob why do you have to change flange every other day?..that's crazy maybe you need to try a better Fit .I change once a week on sunday ..I'd go insane changing every other day.


Hello TimeToGrow.

I don't have a lot of hair around there so I just shave when it starts to tug on the wafers. I wear plugs and change them every day. Sometimes the wafer pulls a few hairs out with it, so I presume that over time I might not have to shave at all. ( we live in hope!)

Best wishes



Hi Ange,

  Being short gutted I need to eat continually (or my empty bowels continue to make bile which dehydrates me and I lose weight) and because my bowels are so short my output is almost always liquid. That constant liquid output takes its toll on the barrier ring and wafer material. I've gone longer on changes, but after the second day the liquid output begins to seep around the ring and starts to irritate my skin. And once irritated it's hard to get it back to normal, as it's always covered. So changing the barrier every other day is my safest bet to keep the skin around my stoma happy. Plus it gives me the opportunity to let my skin breathe a bit more often than those who change at longer intervals.  It sucks, but has become so routine I don't even think about it any more. But you can see it uses up a lot of ostomy supplies rather quickly......which is why I posted the question about how long a bag lasts and how many times can it be reused. We've all got our demons......frequent barrier changes is just one of mine. No big deal.




Hi all i shave once a month or when i start a new box of wafers, whats odd is since i had surgery and my stoma moved from right to left there is less hairon my left side but i shave anyway, old habits of that routine.


I support Bob's advice completely.  I shaved with every available blade, nicked the stoma more times than I can count and got the ingrown hairs as a bonus.  I stopped shaving about two years ago after my surgeon suggested it.  Kinda like Bob, I use a cheapie Remington facial hair trimmer from a 4 - piece rechargeable kit.  I don't even use the foil shaver component which means I leave a few nanometers.  It works for me and, hopefully, might be helpful for others.




Yeah.....speaking of was in the 80's today.  Time for the beard to go!  When I shaved my head 2 years ago (in solidarity with a co-worker going thru cancer treatments.....she was taking her hair falling out pretty hard) I was amazed at how much cooler I was all the time.  I hardly sweated at all that summer.  And was also suprised how cold my noggin' got in the wintertime.....a hat was mandatory when outside.  Grew my beard this winter and it also helped keep me when it's gone tomorrow I fully expect to feel cooler.  Funny how hair helps regulate body temperature.  See all the fun you women are missing!




  Hi Bob, 

Oh, come on, the last time I shaved my face was probably back in '86. So take a good look before you shave it off. Aw, you'll get used to it and you can still see them dimples. Besides beards are popular these days. Roll with it. My wife and son have never seen me without mine. Ask Ange and lovely see what they think.  ...mountain. 


Hi Mountain,

  Too's gone.  Although I did save it in a plastic bag if anyone wants it.  No, just kidding.......I did save it, but you can't have it.  I saved it because if I die rich and famous my kin-folk can sell locks of my hair and make some big bucks.  Like Elvis.  Feels good to have it off, but you know makes my ears look bigger.  Like Obama's.  Ok, not that bad.  I did stop at a Fu, but then decided I looked too much like David Carridine from the TV show Kung Fu.  

  Now Mountain.....for you that beard is who you are.  And you look great.  But my persona requires me to change it up frequently.  So for now I'll do stubble, then in a month or two I'll grow my 'stache.....then get the picture.  I like to be Hugo, the man of a thousand faces.  Figure I'll appeal to more women like that.  Or not.  I'm sure you remember Hugo.........check it out;





I am with you in the at least once a week. I change every 10 day and sometime forget then. Never a leak! Sure saves product! 


That must be tough! Guess some of us are a bit luckier in our care. But like you say, you get used to it! Irrigation is a pain in the butt too but like you said, you get used to it! 

Posts:2530 left me no choice.  If you won't shave........I'm going to have to shave you myself.  Here you go gang.......I present Mountainman cleanly shaven!  What a handsome 

In case anyone is wondering......I had to borrow Ed Asner's (Lou Grant from the Mary Tyler Moore show) lower face to do this. 





  Oh Bob my ribs are splitting! So funny! Bob your best. So funny but I'm a lot better looking under my hair. You and I could be on duck dynasty. 


  Thanks bob, im looking forward to see your progression stache, chops, just like ol hugo. I'm sure you'll have no problems dazzling the ladies or making a profit with all that leftover hair. Hey they probably ran out of Elvis's hair, this could be the lost bag of hair. Some say he's really in witness protection so if there's a little gray they'll understand. You could make a fortune. Just think all the good looks and money too. You have a bright future ahead Bob...mountain:)


Hi Mountain,

  I'm glad you got a good laugh out of that!  I didn't want to offend or anything.  Nowadays everybody is so sensitive...but I figured I'd take the chance.  And're no longer part of the're part of the Act! Maybe you can fill in until Warrior gets back.......I need a sidekick!

 Have a great weekend,



Okay Bob I'll try. :) How is warrior? I hadn't heard from petey, but we talked and he's doing fine. 

Bob you are the best thanks for the humor in these times.   ..mountain. 

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