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A funny thing happened to me the other morning..........


Hi Gang,

This was interesting, so I figured I'd post it. The other morning....Thursday morning to be exact.......I got up and changed my barrier. I used to do it every other day, but after Torquey reminded me about Nystatin, my skin is nice and clear, and I've now been able to stretch it another day. Now, I don't know about you guys, but when I change my barrier, I have a pretty strict routine I follow. Being a short-gutter, I only have a fairly short window each morning when I can change things need to go smooth....hence my routine. So I cut my barrier opening with my template, set up all my paper towels and wet half of them, line up everything on the counter starting with the Head N'Keefe's......stoma powder.......wipes......Adapt barrier ring.....barrier.....bag...and finally, my belt. Then I stretch out my barrier ring and put it back in the container and get ready to rock. Now, normally the last step I do before slapping my new barrier on is to apply stoma powder.....blow the excess off with the hairdryer.....dab the area with 2 prep pads using the hairdryer in between......then apply my ring and stick on the barrier. I've got it down to a science....and it takes me 17 minutes from start to finish......and I have a 40-minute easy peasy.

Thursday morning everything was going good....maybe too good.....and I must have been daydreaming or thinking of what was next on my To-Do list.......but I totally skipped the stoma powder and prep pad steps! I only realized it when I went to clean up, and I saw the two wipes still in the sealed packages. So I puzzled and I puzzled, like when the Grinch couldn't figure out why the Who's were still singing Christmas carols even though he just took all their stuff. At first, I just said no big deal.......shouldn't be any problems..........and I can always fix it tomorrow if I have a problem today. So I started making breakfast.

But it was bugging me. I looked at the clock, and my window was closing was now or never. What I was concerned about was when I've had to change my barrier every day (when my skin was having serious issues), the ring would stick so good that it was hard to get it all off my skin......meaning it took some time. So I was concerned that if I go and peel off my ring just 10 minutes after I put it on, it might be stuck real good and make a real mess......that would take time to fix. But with a little trepidation, I figured it was a learning moment. I'd finally answer the question of do I really even need stoma powder and skin protectant wipes? So I started peeling off the bandage section of the barrier, and it came off with no trouble. In hindsight, it should have been sticking better.....but on to the ring. Once I lifted the bandage portion of the barrier, I figured here's where the ring is going to screw up my whole day......but it did not. It came off like it wasn't supposed to be sticking to anything. I mean, it would have literally fallen off by itself if the bandage portion of the ring wasn't holding it against me. I was a bit dumbfounded. And VERY glad I decided to change my barrier.

So now I know. Stoma powder and wipes are MANDATORY for me. That was a surprise. And I learned my "something new every day" thing bright and early that Thursday morning. Hopefully, this story will help someone somewhere someday.



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  Hi Bob, 

Do you use adhesive remover pads? When I take the old bag off (one piece) it pulls my skin so I have the packet (of adhesive remover pad) torn open already and pour some of the liquid onto the part stuck to my skin and the bag comes right off. 

I thought I'd chime in with that in case someone needed that information. Often times most of learn by posts like yours. Thanks Bob for your insight and stay safe out there buddy. 



Hello Bob.

Thanks for this very interesting post. It doesn't apply to me because I have a totally different routine. However, I am also into 'learning something everyday' so this qualifies in that regard. 

Best wishes




Good to find out what you really need and what you don't. With you working, that could have been an ugly day. Lol

I started out using all that stuff but little by little I would forget a step and found there was no consequences to it so I stopped. Good thing you did not decide to wait it out to see! Lol  I was lucky there and now seldom even use an adheasive wipe. On flange change day, I shower and scrub the area normally covered and dry with the blow dryer. Slap on the new flange and rock on for 10 more days. if my insurance company only knew how much money I was saving them! Lol Thank God for good skin. 



Hi Pup,

  Yeah I hear ya!  Luckily I'm working from home at least these next few weeks, but I've often wondered what I would do if my barrier either came off or got torn off while at work.  After much thought I've decided all I can really do is get in my car, put a big towel on my lap.....and drive home.  With my output being pretty much all the time I just wouldn't be able to successfully change it at work......or anyplace other than home.....and even at home it would be tough.  What I normally do when I have a leak during the day......which knock on wood I can't remember the last time that was........was just clean up as best I could and then tape the shit out of it and ease up on eating/drinking for the rest of the day or night. Then do a normal barrier change in the morning.  It's interesting to see all the different problems we each have based on how much intestine we have left and if your colon is still in the game.  When I hear the colostomy folks complain about "pancaking" or other issues with hard formed stool I realize we're on opposite sides of the planet.........yet we have a common ostomy.  All good stuff.  




Wow - opposite sides of the planet is right! Like Bill, my routine is completely different than yours, but it is good for us to hear what everyone else goes through. We may not have the same struggles, but at least we can all identify with the notion of the struggle. Glad you were able to get some insight from that experience, and appreciate that you shared it.

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