Stoma and Bowel Movements: Anyone Else Experience This?


Hi, I have had my stoma for 6 years now. When I first had my stoma op, I had a small amount of bowel movements and still sometimes get the feeling that I need to sit on the toilet but nothing happens. I had this feeling today and two small amounts of something came out. Is this anything anyone else has had?


Hi Cinder,

Depending on what's left of your colon (if you have an ileo) and rectum.....they still create a mucosa even when not in use. Some of that can be reabsorbed, but usually it accumulates and you get the urge to go at some point. I know the first couple of times I had that urge I was like WTF? because it feels as if you're actually passing stool. So unless you see something solid (which hopefully you never will), I think what you are describing is perfectly normal.




Hi Cinderella, I had the same experience. I kept feeling like something was up in me. I put on some gloves with a little oil, felt up in there, and felt something hard. I finally had to help it out, and although that has not happened again, I do pass mucus all the time. The rectum still produces mucus like it did before. Hope this helps. Stay safe.

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Same here!

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Hey Cinderella, I had a mucous discharge today as well. Yes, sometimes it feels like you gotta go and nothing comes out. I typically have a discharge every couple of months, but we are all different.


Hi Cinderella

I have an ileostomy and get this feeling every few weeks! My surgeon told me it was a mucus build up and recommended I use a pessary! I find after using it I pass the mucus without any trouble or discomfort! Hope this helps, take care!


This happened to me a week ago and it was very, very painful, so I contacted my surgeon and he was very nonchalant about it... I had my ileostomy surgery 6/16/20, so I'm still learning and freaking out about all the abnormal spouts.

How are you doing now?


Hi, I have had it a few times since, but I spoke to my stoma nurse and she said it's normal and nothing to worry about. Hope you're well x


I get this too. My doctor said it's mucus balls and mucus that comes out. If you have any amount even small of your large intestines left mucus collects in that and has to come out. I know the first time it happened was shortly after I was home from the hospital and I did kind of freak out at first trying to figure out how something could come out there if I had an ostomy. That was the explanation my doctor gave me.


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