Can eating nuts cause blockages?

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The forum discussion is about whether eating nuts can cause a blockage for individuals with ostomies, with varying opinions and experiences shared.


I was told that eating any kind of nuts can cause a blockage, does anyone know if this is true?

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I have been told that. Never tried. Too scared.

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Chew, chew, chew should be fine. Turn it into peanut butter.


I have heard that one of the church members at my old church had his surgery before I had mine, and he has had a blockage because he loves almonds, but that does have a lot of fiber. He had a more difficult surgery, so he has more scar tissue from it, which can cause more blockages if there are areas in his intestine that restrict the movement of food. I have been lucky because my ileostomy surgery was mostly trouble-free, it just took longer. After the normal recovery where your body settles in on its new plumbing, I have tried a small handful of cashews, macadamia nuts, or blanched almonds with no issues. Chew things well and stay hydrated, and things work out with no issues. Remember, each person is different, so test things out in small amounts.


I ate peanuts once and it did cause a blockage.


I have a colostomy and peanuts don't bother me.


I have a stoma now for over 6 years. Initially, I couldn't eat any nuts but now I can eat walnuts and some pecans.... not too many at the same time and chew until the pieces are very small. You probably won't get any nutrition as I don't think they can be absorbed but at least you can enjoy. Everyone is different. I can't digest apples or carrots... go figure...


Hello tmn86.

I am pleased that you have recieved so many sensible replies to your post. Whoever told you that nuts can cause a blockage was absolutely right -- but only in the sense that eating anything 'might' cause a blockage and eating nothing at all 'might also cause a blockage. 

Each of us respond to different foods in different ways so, like others have said, it's best to be careful and experiment to see what suits you and what doesn't. Also, I have found that what has caused problems in the past, does not necessarily continue to do so later. Keep an open mind and continue experimenting, so that you can optimise your input to you own taste and abilty to cope. I eat just whatever I fancy including nuts without much adverse effect. However, I always have some Metamucil on hand to push it all through if I think there might be a problem. 

Best wishes



Hi tmn,

Bill hit the nail on the head... everyone is different and it really depends on your underlying condition. For me, no matter how much I chew nuts... I still get them in my bag... feels like grit or sand, but that's because I don't have much bowel to do any digesting. If you're disease-free, you should be able to eat whatever you want. If you have active Crohn's or diverticulitis... or any other bowel issues... you're asking for trouble eating anything that's hard to digest. Every time someone posts one of these "can I eat this" kind of questions, the answer will always be the same... it depends. So just be smart about it. Try the food in question in a very small amount and see what comes out in your bag, unless you have diverticulitis (and then don't eat anything hard to digest). If a single finely chewed anything causes a blockage, you need to schedule surgery right away... because you are an emergency waiting to happen and need to get that corrected ASAP. If it comes out gritty or is easily identifiable... don't eat it anymore. If it's not detectable... try eating a little more. Common sense is the rule of the day here, folks.




Be safe. Just don't do it.


Yes, it's possible as with all foods they could cause a blockage, but in most cases, they don't. It's just trial and error. We're all unique, what's right for one is wrong for another. Just try a small amount and see how they go down. Don't let someone else's problem with nuts make you fear eating them. I've never had a problem with nuts.


I second what xnine said... chew chew chew.

A small amount is okay for me, just enough to satisfy a craving. I limit myself to 1/3 of a cup.


Thank you - I'm just going to try!


You're so right, like with everything else I'm just going to try a small amount


Hi. I've been too scared to! My doctor said stay away from all nuts


Many good replies here.  I eat pecans, peanuts, pralines, and popcorn occasionally.  Just don't overdo, hydrate, chew-chew-chew (same with everything, actually).  As messed up as our plumbing may be, we're still all different and will handle foods in our own unique way.  For instance, I can't eat melon; too pulpy.  But I handle corn on the cob with no problem.  Give it time, but don't assume anything is verboten.


I eat nuts every day without problems. The key is to buy chopped nuts, chew a few at a time while sitting down and taking your time. Nuts are delicious, so why not enjoy them? I do best with cashews and pecans.


Do you have a colostomy or an ileo? How new is it? It's more of an issue if it's an ileo, but as someone said, chew, chew, chew. However, if it's new, you need to start with a very small amount and go from there.


Do you have a colostomy or an ileo and how new is it? I've had both (an ileo now) and they react differently. If you've started getting back to regular food, just remember to chew, chew, chew .... especially if it's an ileo. I have no problem with nuts now.


I've had an ostomy for 7+ years. I eat peanuts everyday along with pistachios or pecans on occasion. I have never had an issue with blockage. If anything, I might get diarrhea if I eat too many. I'd say go with the advice given - we're each different and our bodies react differently. I eat anything I want. If the output is more liquid, I don't worry about it as long as I feel okay. Also, I have never had skin issues under the appliance - just keep skin clean. I feel I've really been fortunate - especially since I could easily have died but for a surgeon who wouldn't give up on me and with God giving him the right tools!


It depends on what your situation is; I have been told absolutely none, but I use nut butters. If you have an ileostomy, the answer is definitely no.

Ask your doctor for a list of "no" foods. Mine gave me a three-column one - eat and enjoy, okay but not much, absolutely no.


Hi Ewesful, I have an ileo and I can eat nuts now and then with no issues. But I've had my ileo for 9 years and I chew, chew, chew.


Try softer nuts like cashews instead of peanuts


I eat nuts all the time with no problems.


Maybe it largely depends on whether you have an ileostomy or a colostomy. I have a colostomy and eat lots of nuts just about every day: pistachios, macadamia, hazelnuts, peanuts, etc. I do notice that the output becomes somewhat thicker afterwards, but this never causes any sort of problems... apart from an occasional 'pancaking' episode. Maybe this is because I am a vegetarian and so also eat loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, so I have a lot of fiber in my diet. However, I think that those people with ileostomies might need to be more careful with nuts, especially if they are prone to blockages.


I eat small amounts of nuts every day.    I do chew them completely.    


I imagine there is the possibility of a blockage with many foods but, as you will hear repeatedly, chew chew chew! Lol

I eat nuts often and have never had a blockage! Even when you think you chewed your bits well, chew some more. Have had them come back whole. That surely lets me know when I have not done a very good job chewing!


I eat nuts quite frequently. The key is to eat a few at a time and chew well.


With my ileostomy, I only eat cashews (2-3) and chew a lot. I've also tried macadamia (one-2) and was fine.


It is true, so don't take a chance. Easier that way.

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