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Very sore around the edge of the stoma.


Help please

I have found that I have a hernia on the side of my stoma, causing it to disappear into a tunnel. As a result, the feces do not go into the pouch, causing me to be very sore and bleeding. The stoma nurse has tried everything she can think of, but with no success. I am at the end of my tether, as this is ruining my life. Are there any ideas out there???

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Verdun, are you saying that you are not able to defacate at all? Or are you saying that the feces won't drop down into the pouch? Two very different problems - if you could clarify, we might be able to give you some suggestions. Also, click on Collections at the top of this page, and then look in Premium Content. Check all the forum topics there that might be helpful to your situation. 

If you are unable to defacate at all, you have a blockage, and should go straight to hospital.



Somebody from the UK who had a urgent problem was told by someone in the UK that as it is past the hours now to call NHS 111 for advice. Surely, someone here who knows about hernias will give sound advice soon.


Have you directly contacted the ostomy manufacturers? I'm thinking of Convatec and Coloplast who keep stoma nurses available for phone consultation.

If your stoma nurse cannot assist you, perhaps you should follow up with your surgeon? Sometimes severe hernias require stoma revision and hernia repair to maintain stoma function.


I hope it does not require revision!


I also have a hernia at the stoma site. So far my poop collects at the top of the bag like a "pancake".  I have been LUCKY it doesn't LEAK out of the bag onto the barrier. I use the BARRIER then ATTACH the bag. I don't like the ONE piece system because it WILL LEAK!!  I can have the BARRIER last up to 7 days before I need to change it. Maybe try the 2 piece system to avoid leaks.

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