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Celebrating 10 Years of Ostomy Awareness


I got an email from Hollister.

Ostomy Awareness Day is October 3rd.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Ostomy Awareness Day, and we're honored to stand with the entire ostomy community in celebration.

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Oh, I would, but I think I'm busy that day......celebrating anything but that.



I suppose they could have called it Stoma Awareness Day and those people who are so inclined may have deemed it as 'SAD'. 

Best wishes



Celebration is the wrong word chosen by Hollister. Those effected will probably be in a sombre mood that day.


Just who are we making aware of ostomies, and why?


Everyone, to let them know we are just like them only with some plumbing changes. It seems everyone has their day and Oct  3rd is ours. Last weekend the Sunday was grandparents day, who knew. To make people aware so when they find out someone has an Ostomy their jaw does not drop or they make some kind of rude comment. It is not that I am going to go down the street waving a bag. It is all about acceptance and support.


We had discussed about people not being aware that some handicaps are not visible. We talked about peoplle looking at us funny when we use the handicap stalls in the bath room. Also when we park in a handicap parking space and get out of the car and walk pretty normal.

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