How to manage hair around the stoma?



Hello friends, I have had a urostomy for 5 years and I have a question. I don't know if this is a stupid question and I feel foolish for asking, but how do you guys keep the hair removed from around the stoma? I try to keep this area shaved, but I'm afraid to get too close to the stoma. I thought about using clippers, but I can't stand looking at it for too long. Please forgive me if I have bothered you with this. I just thought if anybody would know, it would be this group. Thank you for your time.


Hi, looking, I have an ileostomy and I use the disposable shavers. They work the best for me. I don't have hair right up next to my stoma, so it's not a problem.


I just use disposable razors. I use women's ones as I was once told they're more gentle on the skin than men's are. They don't look any different to me, so I'm not sure if that's true or not. If you're worried about getting too close to the stoma with a razor, use some tweezers to pull hairs out nearest to the stoma.

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I get hairs around my stoma (ostomy). I am careful with scissors and trim what I can. It's hard to see some of them. I shave around and see more sticking up and trim accordingly. Just be diligent.




Try the most 'Sensitive Skin' 5-blade razor possible - Schick Hydra Sense and Gillette Fusion are good. Also, use a sensitive shave gel applied after a thorough wash in the shower. An up or across stroke is best as long as you go against the grain. Go slow / go twice if you have to. Results are good and long-lasting as the hair down there grows slowly.


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Tweezers... ouch. I have peach fuzz, but decided to just leave it there. My appliance still sticks. Why shave it, are we supposed to? I'm still learning so much after a year with my ileostomy.  


Hi 58.  I stopped shaving a couple years ago in consultation with my surgeon.  I use one of those $20 rechargeable mustache/beard trimmers.  No more nicks, cuts or ingrown hairs.  I change the appliance every Sunday.

I think the stupid questions are those we don't ask.




Right you are, Mike. There are no stupid questions on this site.   That is the beauty of it!



Hi 58,

I can't answer your question because I don't have hair near my stoma, but I can second what others before me have said about asking questions. The beauty of this site is that we can ask questions that we might feel intimidated to ask someone in person. So I am really glad you asked, and there is no question that is taking up anybody's time needlessly. Maybe when you find what works for you, you might want to let us know. That might help someone else. We can all learn from each other.



Hi 58,

I have always been kind of a hairy person! Lol I have never shaved around my stoma and the thought actually has never even occurred to me. I guess that is one place my hair has decided not to return after chemo! Maybe the moving of my belly button to the right took that hairline out of play around the stoma in the opposite direction! Who knows? Do what is easiest and least painful. If it is not causing any adhesive issues, let it be! Ask anything here. It is what we love to do, talk about poop and all the things that go with it! Lol

Glad to see a new face! Hang in there with us on the forum. You will learn so much. Sometimes, a little more than you want to know. Lol But usually fun!


Hello Looking58.

Thanks for your question. I cannot add much more than the things that others have contributed except to agree with them - especially about the fact that there are no 'stupid' questions on here. Some may feel a bit embarrassing, but this is what this site is all about - helping people discuss things that might otherwise embarrass people who don't have a stoma. 

As for shaving around the immediate area of the stoma, I usually do it having relaxed, after a hot bath but still while I am soaking in the water. This way the stiff hairs have been softened and seem easier to shave without pulling or making the skin sore. Also, it is then easy to wash everything off and have the superfluous hair drain away with the bath water. Periodically, I use clippers to rid myself of other extraneous hair but that's another story.  We all have our own ways of doing things and I have opted for 'my way' after many years of experimenting to find what suits me best.  

Best wishes



I shave every time I change my barrier in the shower. Then I clean my thing. I use tweezers for my final prep.


I shave every time I change my barrier in the shower. Then I clean my thing. I use tweezers for my final prep.


Hmm, good question. I have not seen anything mentioned about NEAT. I remember as a youngin going out on Halloween eve... and was told using NEAT on a person's head will remove their hair. Huh? Fact or fiction? Why can't we use a cream that just dissolves hair? Then I remember a commercial for "Who Wears Short Shorts"... NEAT? Or NEAR? Something like that. Gotta be a better, easier way than shaving and plucking.

Comments? ---------- Warrior.


Any depilatories work well. Used to use for bikini areas. It actually goes below the skin to the hair, therefore the hair does not come back as fast! It is gentle on areas, but under no circumstance allow it to touch any personal parts! You will not know such pain as that! Burning pain! Lol Now the Stoma has no nerve endings, so pretty sure you would be okay. I would be very careful. There is a Sensitive Skin version as well. The box comes with a scraper. You just put the cream on, let it sit for the amount of time, and use the scraper to take the hair away. In the shower is easiest.

Good idea, Warrior!



That stuff will take hair off of anything! LOL


Thank you all very much for your help. I appreciate it.


Ouch, depilatories! Now granted, I haven't tried them in years and they may be much improved by now. The few times I tried Nair (Who wears short shorts? ad) it burned the heck out of my skin. And that was on my legs! I can't imagine using them close to my stoma.


I used Nair when I had my stoma.

Got to get the timing down right.


I'm using Veet hair removal cream (once a month), the nurse said it will be easier and safer, works well.

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