Blockage caused by apple juice?

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This forum discussion is about individuals sharing their experiences and advice regarding blockages and the potential causes, including certain foods and inflammation.


Hi guys,
Excuse the small letters in this post but I am dealing with a blockage and have my left hand applying even pressure on my wafer so it doesn't pop off.
I cannot for the life of me know what I did wrong tonight at dinner to cause this episode?
I had some Italian bread, cheese, pasta, and apple juice.
Could the apple juice do this? I probably haven't drunk apple juice in years.

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I'm sorry you have a blockage. I don't think it's the apple juice, it's more likely to cause diarrhea. I can eat something today and it will not cause any problems, then next time I eat it, it will cause a blockage. I've never been able to work out why it happens.

Staying Hydrated with an Ostomy with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister

I know that cheese used to plug me up before I got my little friend Apple Juice. It would run through, still does. Pasta is starchy.


Hi sweet girl, Weewee could be right, cheese does that to a lot of people... but, to toss in my own experience which of course is all I can really do since everyone is different... having Crohn's has taught me that sometimes it's the food I eat that causes blockage... but... other times there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it, honestly, so many things can cause the disease to flare and when it does, the intestines become inflamed and food cannot pass through very well... or not at all... and during those times it may not have anything to do with what I ate or drank at all.

I swear on my Grandmother's grave that extreme stress can do this to me and having found doctors who agree clearly that stress can cause flares, it makes sense. At that point it's not a blockage at all, and X-rays and scans at the ER confirm there is no blockage even though it seems like there is... it's inflammation that is the root of the evil.... and the intestine passage becomes too narrow to allow anything to comfortably pass through; that is usually when things get too unbearable for me and my trip to the ER means Solumedrol and morphine in an IV... then a few hours later I'm back on track. Solumedrol works like a frickin' CHARM for me.... of course these days I can't have the morphine most times because I drive myself in... and obviously can't drive myself back home on narcs lol.... another downside to being alone. I hope you have someone there who can help you, dear! Wish I lived close, I'd help in whatever way I could.

I feel for you, girl. Let me know how you're doing!!

~hugs from your Doe


For me, the pasta/bread/cheese combo would be a little plugy - all stool slowers/thickeners. Apple juice should make everything move.

As Doe says, inflammation sometimes is the culprit (why it happens, I don't know) ... then add a plugy food and you're in for a blockage.

Other times I have the same food and no problem (but I think all 3 at one meal probably did you in).

Hope it passes soon. With my blockages, I was ready to drink loads and that isn't the good thing. Warm bath, lay down and gently bring knees to chest, gentle massage. If in pain, a trip to the ER?


Thankfully, my husband has never experienced a blockage (runs and finds the nearest piece of wood, knocking on it furiously). So I probably wouldn't be a good authority to comment on this subject, but I will definitely keep you in my thoughts.

I hope you're feeling better soon!


Apple juice turns my stomach, I like it but feel sick after. My blocky foods are peanuts, roasted not raw, almonds, celery, lettuce, anything really fibrous.

My squirty foods are pork, lamb, cabbage, fish sometimes, a really greasy fish and chips gives me the squirts like nothing else and sugar-free lollies. I eat the toffee ones by the handful and end up emptying my bag 50 to 70 times in the day lol.. self-inflicted.

What I do have if I'm feeling gutty (Crohn's speak for uncomfortable in the bowel) I cooked up some stewed apple with no sugar. Sometimes I make a big batch 'cause hot or cold it calms my stomach and over the day my bowel as well.

Diet soft drinks are just poison and can cause the runs as well as gas.

Water and lots of it, soups are good to rest the bowel or Oxo stock cube in hot water with some white bread broken up in it. That's my 'I'm not well food'. Seems to ease the pressure on my guts and gives me just enough nutrients to keep functioning.

I hope I gave you some ideas.


Hi gang

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I can eat just about anything with my colostomy, with the exception of chickpeas that the doc told me to stay away from. Besides, they aren't that tasty. I'm thinking more along the lines of the pasta may be the cause. If it was, say, alfredo with a lot of cheese and heavy cream, that may be the culprit. I must admit there are some days I don't go very much. But other days, it's like Niagara Falls and just won't stop. When I do get bloated, my surefire remedy is a glass of Johnny Walker Black. One of those and that opens up the floodgates for me. I'm not telling anyone to try it, just one of my experiments. Besides, I love a glass of scotch on occasion, so why not enjoy life a little.

OOooooooo..... Gotta keep peanuts away from your doe ..... Oh boy oh boy oh boy..... But I LOVE them and if I start to nibble on them I can't stop... Anyone ever sees me with peanuts, take them away from me lol ...



Hi all,

I had a long painful night. I did the usual massaging of the area, grunting, crying, and freaking
out that yes, I'm alone. So I unlocked the door in case I had to call 911, which I've done twice before.

I am sore and a little nauseated still, but praise the Lord, my ostomy is functioning properly again. I was so scared that the stoma was going to invert into the hernia. I was holding on for dear life.

I agree with all you guys. I don't know WHAT I did wrong. Maybe I was dehydrated. Maybe I indulged in too much crunchy, delicious Italian bread and pasta.

I didn't think apple juice would do that. I don't drink it, but the hostess offered it and I wasn't in my "I have a special diet" mode.

Yes, I avoid all of the blocky foods: lettuces and cabbages, skins (potatoes, grapes), raw veggies, nuts, raisins, fibrous fruit.

But WD guess what I do? I roll that incredible almond in my mouth and suck all of the salt off it and spit it out. I do the same with oranges. I chew on it but don't swallow the fibrous outer portion. bed now, warm heating pad on my belly, and taking it easy. This bites.

Hiya! Your WD here .... I will try that sucking the salt off the peanut thing lol good idea but wonder if I can control myself to stop there hehee ...just since my last post I've been digging through my cupboards searching for peanuts. Didn't find any yet but I know I have some....gonna get myself in trouble I just know it, but what's new lol. I could eat a whole bowl full. Found some wine though...shouldn't have that either, doesn't bother my belly but I can't handle alcohol, if you think I'm goofy now you should see me when I'm looped...good THAT's entertainment lmao .......anyway, you know I forgot about oranges, those block me too.

I feel so bad that you had such a terrible night! Being alone totally bites, I know. I'm glad you're doing a little better, but I am worried about you girl....keep that heating pad on and get some good sleep tonight.

~Your worried sistah Doe

After a major blockage, I am usually pretty sore, so it's par for the course, I think. Good treatment is a heat pad, a hot shower, and letting the water run over your belly or even a hot bath.

Try the stewed apple, just a little at a time. It may help with the discomfort.

I can't see Dow being loopy, well not much anyway. LOL



If you are alone, you need to be careful with regard to waiting too long. I have been there too and had the scare of my life, as I could not drive at that point to get myself to the hospital and then it cleared.
But after nausea, sweats, and unbearable pain, I will not allow myself to wait as long next time. Please have a plan in place and let people know what you are going through. A blockage is a problem, but rupture is a really bad thing and could have devastating consequences. Please be careful. Michael

Yes, sir. You are right. I will make a plan. Thanks, Michael.

Last summer, I did get to the ER. I was subjected to CAT scans to verify blockage, and I thought it was going to rupture then. I was in terrible pain. It finally broke loose but only after my appliance popped off from the pressure. They weren't very helpful. I felt as if they would only do something if it did rupture. They wouldn't even call the gastro team that can flush it with a gentle water process. OMG, that feels so good when it works!

I swore I'd handle it my own damn self after that, but I won't.    I'll talk to my BFF and make sure she knows when I say "drop everything and take me to the ER now," there are no questions.

Update: I'm home recuperating. I just had my first cup of broth. Oh man, this is no fun.

So sorry you had such a bad night alone. Rest and know we are thinking of you. It's so scary though, isn't it.


Yes, it is. It's been since last summer since I had a functional issue. I was scared. I am not an island, am I?

So sorry to hear you had a nasty blockage. I too think the raw snow peas I had on Thursday wasn't a real good idea, but I do LOVE them!!! I have to be real careful too with blockages because I had to have 1.4m of small bowel chopped out last year when I was in ICU because of Dead Bowel Syndrome.

Take care please and everybody here is right, heat from the heat pack and nice warm bath.

My little thing I do when I have little blockages is Vegemite soup! A teaspoon of Vegemite in warm/hot water. Delicious!!!!!




Do you have a recipe for that?

I have found that miso soup helps things along better than just plain broth. Is it the miso or tofu? I certainly don't eat the scallions or floating lettuce thing they put in it.

Don't know about Australia but in this country we have a product called Liquid Plumber. The acid eats through whatever material is clogging up the sink. When it's opened up, you flush the sink with hot water and voilà, open pipe.

If our stomach acids and bile break down food and allow food passage through the final end, what in the plant or food world could be its substitute? Anyone know?

I fully intend to study the effects of bile to see if I can find an equivalent that we can drink when we have a blockage.

If anyone would like to join me, send me an email. I'll start a separate thread for this project.

Ileostomates unite!


Imperfect (name is not with me today, sorry)

Vegemite soup is just in a coffee mug - 1 teaspoon of Vegemite (if you get it over there) and hot water. Tastes very salty but is good!!!!

I would love to join you in your quest but am so busy doing what I need to that extra time is spent resting to keep my health and strength for Canada in July!!!! LOL



Wondering if anyone with an ileostomy, particularly a continent, has any experience eating grains? I eat oatmeal, brown rice, and some others, with no problem, but got an obstruction from millet about a year ago. Recently I was given some buckwheat to cook, but want to be sure it will not expand in the small bowel as the millet did. Does anyone know?


Hi and I have no problems with anything I eat, one exception I stay away from pineapple!


I think attitude has so much to do with how we feel about life. My operation was unexpected but it saved my life. I was at my home in Naples on 2/19 when I didn't feel well. I had a scan that showed an abscess and flew home to Boston for surgery. I'm so grateful because I could have died if it ruptured. I'm great, I haven't had any problems thus far. I'm an RN, retired but I'm sure that has a lot to do with my acceptance of the situation. Nurses don't scare easily. LOL.
I enjoy sharing my experience with whomever I feel I can help. Best wishes and good health. Beach RN


It wasn't the apple juice, it actually makes more out of it. It was the cheese which I don't touch. Get yourself a Seven Up, the carbonation might blow it through.

Good luck

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