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G'morning Ostomates,

With so much happening in the world today you never know how small actions can impact the next person.

We talk about our experiences and hardships and sometimes seek answers and help from other ostomates.

We often say when a member is approaching surgery or a hardship keep us informed. Do we mean it?

At one time this was a place where we could discuss different topics yet now there stipulations. The beauty of this group is there many topics to read.

So if one don't like the topic they don't have to read it! Ive noticed now even if one is religious they apoligize, Why?

Were all connected simply because were ostomates.  As a group we should have respect for one another. Heck its not what one says it's how they say it!

Please Be Kind To One Another.

Let's Practice Compassion with One Another.

Take Care and Stay Safe,


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Nice to hear from you, it has been awhile. Hope all is good.


Well said 


Hello Angelicamarie.

It lifts my spirits no end to see you posting again - and on such an appropriate topic. 

Of course, I agree wholeheartedly with what you say and particularly the plea about :

"Please Be Kind To One Another.

Let's Practice Compassion with One Another".

This fits nicely with my forthcoming work on 'Kindness/Unkindness' so, you have given me an opening to share one of my more recent rhymes:

Best wishes



Within my rhyming in the past
I pinned my colours to the mast,
exposing bullying I saw
and other things that I abhor.

These were things where I took note
because they often got my goat
and raised reactions within me
which motivated poetry.

These bullies, I felt in my mind,
epitomised what was unkind,
so, I set out to highlight stuff
because I felt I'd seen enough.

But having wrote so many rhymes
unmasking all those bully signs,
I felt a dawning of the time
when I should write some different rhyme.

I felt the urge to write and show
that there's a better way to go,
and so, I thought it apposite
to write about the opposite.

‘Unkind' and ‘kind' are juxtaposed
so, both are equally exposed,
then, when people make their choice
we may condemn or may rejoice.

But finding things that people do
when they are being kind to you,
is not as easy as I thought
so, may be harder to report.

Yet nonetheless, kindness is there
amongst those folks who like to care,
so, I will try to do them proud
and highlight them amongst the crowd.

                                        Be Withers 2020


"We are all connected simply because we are ostomates. As a group we should have respect for one another. Heck it's not what one says it's how they say it!"

Kudos to your thoughts Angelicamarie! I enjoy hearing other opinions and thoughts because they may change how I feel or do things. I am amazed at the wisdom of many mates.

At times I feel I am twisting myself into a pretzel to be sure I don't offend anyone on this site, even if what I said was not how they translated it. Sometimes I use images instead of words because they depict how I feel.

The world, as it is right now, is straining all our lives. “What one thinks is right is not always the same as what others think is right; no one can be always right.” Mostly I am just plain curious, as I learn from all of you, no matter which side of the “post” we are on. Be curious, not furious! WE ALL READ INTO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. 

There is another point of debate here as well.  Has social media created monster issues?  Just, K.



Hi Angelicamarie,  Can I just second everything you just said!!  I for one, mean it when I say to someone, "please let us know how you are doing", and I believe that other ostomates on this site do also.  I choose to believe that most of us are here to offer support as much as we are here to ask for it. It is always better to give than to receive, but receiving ain't bad either!

Let's strive to make 2021 the year we all try a little harder to get along!

All the best,



Glad to see you on again Angel! I agree with you! We are all in this together! 


Ya know, Angel, I don't always remember the words you write but I never forget how good I feel after reading them.
I think there's more kindness, empathy and compassion here among our ostomate friends than there is at Sunday Mass. That's not meant to be religious so I'm not apologizing.
Kindness is NOT weakness .
Thanks for reminding us of what's important.


Hi Bill. Thanks for another great message included in another great rhyme.



Hello Mike.

Thanks for your kind remarks about the rhyme and thanks for giving me the title of my next one:"Kindness is NOT weakness". This is something that I have often thought is so true. Yet this is also a concept where bullies often think kindness is a weakness and will try to exploit that perception. 

Best wishes



Okay Mike!

I don't like to leave these concepts for too long before trying to capture them in verse so, below is my attempt at documenting my thoughts on your pertinent maxim:

Best wishes



Though many of my rhymes might show
that bullies often think it's so,
that kindness is a weakness where
kindness is attached to ‘care'.

The bully views a kindness as
a weakness, upon which they razz (deride)
and thus, they treat it with disdain
time, and time, and time again.

Bullies think that they can use
these acts of kindness as a ruse
to exploit and to abuse,
and do exactly as they choose.

Bullies have been like this so long,
they do not think that they are wrong,
but I believe it's apposite
to state the exact opposite.

Those people who are kind, and care,
believing that they ought to share,
are much stronger than those who don't,
and tougher than the one's who won't.

For kindness is a person's choice,
a conduit by which they voice
their principles and value-set
reflecting what they give and get.

Kindness can show that people care
even when they can't be there,
and it takes great strength of mind
to continue being kind.

So, I would say, that they are wrong
to say kind-people are not strong,
for theirs is strength that I admire
and something to which I aspire.

                                         Be Withers 2021


WOW, Bill. It's not just the quality of your work but the speed with which you create so beautifully.  As an ex Jr. Industrial Engineer doing time and motion studies, the numbers to evaluate one's performance don't go high enough to rate your work.  Thanks for sharing with us.




Hello Mike.

Thanks for your appreciation of my work and the speed at which I compose some of the rhymes.

In the case of prompts and suggestions such as yours on 'Kindness is NOT a weakness', I feel the need to get my thoughts down as soon as possible after the concept arises. Unfortunately, if I don't, my mind quickly moves on to other things and the momentum is lost. It does help that your concept fits in with two of the three subjects I am working on this coming year (Bullying and kindness). Indeed, this rhyme is one where I was not sure which work it fitted into best so, I might just slip it into both.

I do try to write at least one page per day either in rhyme or prose. By my calculations this produces 365 pages per year (or more) - which is usually enough to produce at least one book. This strategy indicates that I am not a 'hard-worker' so much as a methodical one, with plenty of time to 'think' and do other things. 

Best wishes


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