Concerns about reddish brown stoma output after drinking beetroot juice


Yesterday, I drank some beetroot juice - slowly over the course of an hour or so.

Since then, my output has been very liquid and very heavy - and the color is a reddish brown.

How long should I wait to see if the color is related to the beetroot juice, or if there is another reason - like bleeding? I am not asking for a medical decision, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem?



Thank you for all your reassuring replies! I think the color is fading a little, but will wait until tomorrow morning to make sure!


Few things will retain the same color coming and going, but beets will. They use beet juice as a natural food coloring for a healthy alternative in processed foods sometimes.

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There are plenty of foods and drink that will color your output.  Don't worry about it.  Over time, you'll be able to accurately predict what will impact both the color as well as the relative thickness of it.


When I eat pickle beets or cherry twizzlers, the same thing happens. No need to worry, I believe. You'll be able to predict your poop!!

ron in mich

Hi, I like Ritz. I eat pickled beets and sometimes drink the juice. And I get that same reaction. But if you have pain, maybe consult your physician.

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It's normal for beetroot to do that. I wouldn't worry about it if you have no pain or discomfort. I know it's frightening when you're not expecting it, and even after all the years I've had an ostomy, I give myself a scare at times when I've forgotten what I've eaten to make my output red.


Yes, beetroot juice can do that, color the urine reddish too which is just as alarming. Nothing to worry about, though, it will go away. Don't stop drinking it, very healthy and nourishing.


Beets are famous for coming out the same color they went in!
If you just had the beet juice, my bet is that is what you'll see! It should pass in a day or so.


Hi, all

V8 and tomato juice products can present in the output as reddish. Also: Red Velvet Cake! Did a major double-take looking at my pouch, and to keep from freaking out and calling my doctor, had to go back in my memory to figure out if I had consumed something that would turn my output so red! LOL



I had both V8 and beetroot juice!  One after the other!  The Red Velvet cake would have been nice...


Yep - that would do it!   LOL!

Seriously, the Red Velvet cake output was shocking and sort of scary!   If you have the opportunity to indulge, just remember this Forum topic before you take that first lovely, lush bite...   : )



Yes. When I eat something red, my output is reddish especially if it is dyed red; e.g. red licorice.
If blood mixes, you'll notice a different consistency in your output. It "stains" differently. You'll know when you see it.