Hernia Repair: Seeking Info & Experiences


I have a huge hernia which has given me pain for the last 3 months. Today I saw my doctor and she wants me to see my gastroenterologist, to see if I have any infections like Crohn's. I was diagnosed with UC. Has anyone had hernia repair and can you give me any info about it? Thank you.



I have been lucky and never had a hernia! Knock on wood! A lot of folks have had several. Doctors seem to not want to operate unless absolutely a must. Hope your issue can be taken care of easily! Others will pipe in and there are many discussions on hernias in the forum if you are up to some good reading.
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I've had two peristomal hernia repairs, one they did laparoscopically and the other they had to open me. The second one was about 3 years ago and knock on wood, so far so good since then on that front. Do you have specific questions? I have Crohn's as well.


I was just wondering how long you have had your repair for. My doctor wanted me to have a reversal because she thought it might come back. My other doctor told me if I had a reversal that I would more than likely be going in my pants, so I kept the bag.


I was asking about my hernia. What are the complications and how long of a recovery?

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I thought I replied to this but I don't see it now. My first one was laparoscopic and I was back to work in 4 weeks, the second one they also had to resect some necrotic tissue and left it open with a wound vac. I was off 12 weeks from work, but that's not typical from what I understand.  


Yes, you did. You were the first one. And thank you so much for answering my questions. It is just my doctor talked to me in doctor talk and I was kind of getting lost. But she made it sound like a big deal, especially.

If it came back, then try and fix it. She was also worried about infections. Did you have any? And thank you again for your time. It is hard trying to find things out when you have no one to talk with.

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No infections with either hernia surgery. So that was good. nbsp

It is frustrating when doctors don't break it down so things are understandable. I've found plenty of people here are helpful or willing to offer advice, which is good. I found talking to the surgeon was more helpful than talking to my dr. He was able to explain everything and answer all of my questions, so that might be helpful to you as well nbsp

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I was telling him about 2 of my surgeries to repair hernia. One they did with a robot and the other one they had to cut me open.

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Hi Panko, yes I had the same thing happen to me. My stoma was being pushed out. After my surgery, it went down and I am at my old size of bag again. But the stoma kind of went inside a bit, so now I use the curved ones or I will get leaks. Good luck!

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