Stoma Placement: Understanding the Process


Hi guys,

I was wondering why they place stomas where they do and I ran across this article. It's a quick read, and you may know all this already... but if anyone is wondering what the process is all about... here's a quick read on the subject. Enjoy!



Good read, Bob.

I had never heard of the rectus muscle until I had my hernia repair in 2015. My surgeon suggested my relocation be placed there to prevent future problems... so far, so good!

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Interesting. Lucky for me, I had one of the best docs in Florida at Tampa General. However, much I hate it, he did an amazing job placement and all. Thanks for the info. that makes you a "Homo-Rectus"



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I had emergency surgery and never had the option to discuss placement of my stoma. In fact, I was so drugged out that I barely remember discussing what was about to happen to me and signed a document thoughtlessly to have the surgery carried out. I was just fortunate to have a caring surgeon who, after seeing what a mess my insides were, did not give up on me and placed my stoma in the perfect place. Nine hours later, I was in recovery to begin my lifelong journey.

Hi Superyou,

Yeah, my surgery was elective, but I had sepsis and was pleading for them to operate before my scheduled date.   The night before the stoma location marker folks came by to see me.......and because getting an ostomy was something I specifically told the surgical team was a no-no....they said they were marking me.....just in case.   So I really didn't pay too much attention to what they were mind was full of anxiety about the surgery the next day.   But I recall they basically lifted up my gown......and took a sharpie and drew two large "X"'s on my abs. That was it.   No discussion of above or below the belt sir?   Or anything else.   Then when I came out of surgery in the ICU I saw what a mess I was in.   So I found this article interesting, as no one has ever explained how they determined where mine would be placed.    



Bob, I had no idea what a trauma you went through. Thank you for sharing. I would say we are both very lucky to be alive. You have helped me tremendously and I'm sure others also with your insight and experience. I just want you to know I appreciate you! Mike

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