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I have 3 post surgery hernias and need to lose 25 lbs before I can have surgery. It seems no matter what i try from WW to clean eating the scale doesn't move. I do struggle with digesting produce, brown rice, and quinoa. I have also been told not to lift over 10 lbs until I have surgery. I feel stuck and frustrated. Can we take diet pills or do diet shakes? I don't want to end up dehydrated. 

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Weight is an ongoing struggle! What is good to lose weight is not so good for our Ostomy or output. The Atkins diet does help with both. I have taken Phenternine, a RX diet pill that helps to speed up your metabolism. That is something your doctor will need to approve and write a script for. It is a short term aid. You cannot be on those kinds of drugs for at least two weeks prior to your surgery. Walking and drinking lots of water are a key as well as eating a high protein diet.  C5755755 is correct In looking at your magnesium and other labs. You should discuss this with your doctor as well. There is a diet that is usually given to patients before surgery that have to lose weight. You need to shrink your pancreas for surgery. It is called the heart Diet. Or something like that. It is the diet that heart patients get prior to and after surgery. It is affective. Google it. May work for you. Everyone is so different so what works for one does not work for another. Did your surgeon send you to a nutritionist? They don't use any drugs but are a great support for diet and meal planning as well as accountability! 
Hope this helps. 


Sugar really messes up your metabolism and kills any weight loss attempts. Sodas not only contain a lot more sugar than you think, but the carbonation can mess up your blood chemistry over time (so don't substitute diet soda). Also, you'll find lots of added sugar in most all processed foods, and white flour in bread quickly breaks down in your body to - sugars! There is a fine margin, however, between a diet that eliminates sugar and flour, and a diet that your lovely fresh stoma and remaining intestines can stand! Best of luck, and as was said earlier, keep and eye on your number and drink lots of plain old water!


I think you should try some vitamins like b9 and b12. And some fruits like beetroots and pomegranates. Its have many benefits for health and also good for weight loosing.


When losing weight, it is important to stick to your diet and eliminate all harmful substances from your diet. Of course, you can use weight loss supplements, but before buying them, you should consult your doctor because some supplements have side effects. Losing weight is very hard because sometimes you just lose motivation. When I was losing weight, my girlfriend supported me. Moreover, she gave me to keep track of my progress. Every pound I lost motivated me not to stop.

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