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Shelf Life of Appliances


I'm sure this question is addressed somewhere on this site, but I couldn't find it. How long do appliances (bags, pouches) last? I've heard that at some point the adhesive starts to break down. I recently have been having to change my pouch much more often. I have a wound where my old colostomy stoma was and in order to change the dressing, I'm constantly compromising the adhesion of my pouch, as one overlaps the other a bit. I decided to start using up some of my older pouches that are not really my favourite products, as I really don't care if I only get a couple of days wear time with them. I noticed when tearing the backing off the flange, that it comes away pretty easily. These would be close to a year old, and I have some that are probably closer to two years old. Would they still be OK, or should I chuck them? I'm sure I could get an answer to my question by contacting one of the manufacturers, but I'm thinking I might get a more realistic answer from you guys. Thanks!


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I use some of my appliances after the expiration date and don't have any issues . I was told long as they stick,it's ok . Good luck , you're a very strong person 



I have used my supplies and bags that were 2 years old without any problem.


Hi Terry,

  Just about everything has an expiration date on the package, which I never pay attention to.  I find that ostomy products that are kept inside (climate controlled) never seem to go bad.  But those I keep in my kit in my car can't handle the 'below freezing to over 100 degree' swings being in my car all year.  Contacting the manufacturer will almost certainly get you advice to toss and buy new.  If you've got a number of old barriers stick one on yourself someplace other than over your stoma and see how it adheres.  I'm thinking it'll be fine.  




There is a "suppose" to be a five year shelf life on Ostomy supplies but I too agree, if it sticks, use it! 
If it has been stored in a dry cool place, no problems here.
The date on the box is in code and hard to decipher by I found the secret and posted several years ago. Will try to go find that post! Lol



I sometimes use very old bags as a stopgap measure when the stomaplug gets pushed out and I need something to tide me over until my next irrigation session. There has never been a problem with these but it is short-term. However, if I thought there was going to be a problem, I would use the same Holister medical adhesive (7730)  that I use on my own baseplates, which obviously don't come with built-in adhesive.

I rarely chuck anything out if I think it can be recycled!

Best wishes



Thanks to all.  I will stick with the old stuff (no pun intended),  as I'm like you, Bill.  I hate throwing anything out! 


Hi Terry

I hope you are well. The expiry date on these sorts of items generally have a long shelf life roughly 3_4 years. The date is just a guide so if it fits wear it 😜 XX


I still use older products past their expiry date. I never had a problem in all my 40 years with an ileostomy. It is true that in hotter places, heat could melt the adhesive and in cold they could survive longer but extreme cold could make them dry up. I used to keep some in my car when I lived in Montreal and in the extreme cold they lost some of their adhesion. I live in Houston now and in a car, the heat reaches over 100 degrees and eventually melts the appliance. Fortunately my company gave me a back pack and I keep my emergency appliances in that bag along with other useful personal things such as creams, medications and grooming tools. You can also get leather or waterproof pouches that can be hooked around your waist to store ostomy products. Mike

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