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Name it, tried it

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

I've had my permanent colostomy for over a year and I have tried every protein shake/powder made and I either can't stand the taste to get it down or burnt myself out on the ones I use to tolerate. The point is tho that none of it helped me gain weight nor helped my colostomy stay regular. I feel stuck. My ostomy is seriously annoying most days. It's my ostomy's world, I'm just living in it. Lol. 


Have you tried the Pure Protein bars, best tasting I've tried. For protein drinks, I just get the individual chocolate milks(they have white and strawberry too) that have 16 or so grams. If you wanna gain weight, you can get specific weight gain powders that can be mixed into whatever drinks you want and they come in multiple flavors. Some of those can be 500+ calories per serving. Good luck.

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I see from your profile that you are a cancer survivor, me too . You should qualify for irrigation, you might ask your doc to be sure. If you qualify, that will help you regulate your ostomy. I can't help on the weight gain. 



Your Dr should be able to provide you with protein shakes,soups and juice. I would also ask him to refer you to a dietician that will be able provide you with the correct advice/support and diet suppliments. Good luck 🍀 XX


Hi Lola,

  Gaining weight isn't really about protein intake.........it's about caloric intake and metabolism.  That's if you have fully functioning bowels.  I don't know anything about cancer treatment and how that affects your body's ability to absorb things.  But protein in and of itself is really for maintaining and building mucscle mass.  Your muscles need the protein as they grow, but your overall weight is really a function of calories in versus calories consumed.  If I were you I'd get with a Dietician, not a Nutritionist, who works with cancer patients routinely.  He/she can figure out what you're doing wrong and get you on a path to increase your weight gain.  But just throwing protein at it isn't going to work.  




First of all, for a time after your cancer treatments, you are going to look like a scarecrow (I went from 135 to 115 pounds). It takes time and a BALANCED diet for your weight to stabilize at a more normal level. You DO need (according to the dietician I worked with during and after my chemo) a relatively high-protein diet, but you are better off getting it from poultry (think chicken or turkey) than a protein shake or drink. I know after the ostomy surgery, they recommend a low-residue diet to allow your intestine to heal, and then slowly shift to a healthier diet over the next several months.

Since you have had your ostomy for a year, and you haven't regained your weight, I second the suggestion of going to a registered dietician associated with your oncologist's office. I think you might find that your protein shakes may be passing through your shortened colon too quickly (being mostly liquid) to be absorbed. I'm hoping the dietician may have some good suggestions for an overall diet that can help.

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