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My Ostomy and Parastomal Hernia



Happy 2022! I've got a new issue. I'm used to lifting weights, lifting heavy stuff in general, and I'm always moving furniture, working on my truck, and most recently, with one other person, moved a heavy STOTTS Pilates machine. Not long after that, while doing Pilates and just everything, my tummy hurt all the time, and my right side by my stoma was bulging out. Ok, the doctor said I did have the hernia, so I stopped Pilates till February. My doctor pushed around my stomach while it hurt, he popped something back into place. My nurse told me I could massage around my stoma, and that helps.

My question is, what can I do? I moved a piece of furniture today, and now my tummy is bulging again. I put my belt on, and I am laying down. I'm depressed that I cannot do anything like I used to do.

Are there any coping skill suggestions for a hernia, and if you're active, how does one deal with this?



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Hello Janet.

Sorry to hear that you are having these sorts of difficulties. It's bad enough having the stoma without getting complications.

I had a parastomal hernia before I even came out of hospital, so I am pretty sure it wasn't due to anything I had done like weightlifting! However, all the literature and advice indicates that we are much more susceptable to hernias after this sort of operation and lifting heavy weights is not recommended. 

Nonetheless, I am still guilty of such activities so, I wear two hernia belts the first is a soft, comfortable, material one which holds the whole stomach area in place and th second is a stiff wide belt that adds pressure to the stoma site. I find that this has prevented the stoma from protruding further than it might otherwise do, and it gives me a little peace of mind as I do what in effect are inadvisable activities. 

I tried two different weight-lifter's belts but neither were entirely suitable for me, as they both were too wide and dug into the lower part of my rib cage - where I have a completely different problem with a 'floating' rib or two from a skiing accident (very painful!).

My own approach is to simply do whatever I think 'might' help that isn't going to stop me living my life how I want to. I know the potential consequences of what I do, but I do them anyway.

This attitude must run in our family, as two of my brothers died on the mountains doing what they enjoyed doing, despite the risks. 

I hope you find a solution to you problems without having to compromise too much.

Best wishes



I'm sorry you have to go thru all of that and all of this, First things first thank God your alive cuz without an ostomy you would be dead! Yes with an ostomy comes restrictions, I am a plumber, I have 7 kids and 10 grandkids, I have had an illiostomy for 28years and have had a hernia for 27years I own 8 hernia belts and wear the during the day every day and at night when needed 😜. I have had 6 major surgeries and 1 of them had  a 10% chance of living all from hernias. I guess what I'm saying is with actions come consequences, I won't stop picking up my grandkids but that means surgery every 5 years!!!!  And the one thing that keeps me not depressed is I'M ALIVE!!!!  to love my grandkids and wear a hernia belt at night!( hopefully again someday )

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7 kids? You are a plumber with all that pipe laying. 😂 10 grandkids will wear a guy out. 👍 


Aren't you supposed to wear the belt during heavy lifting to prevent injury? I think I would avoid heavy lifting all together. There are some things that you're not going to be able to do anymore now that you have a stoma.

E& I


Aren't you supposed to wear the belt during heavy lifting to prevent injury? I think I would avoid heavy lifting all together. There are some things that you're not going to be able to do anymore now that you have a stoma.

E& I

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Well technically I was not lifting, I was pushing a nightstand. And yes, I'm new with all this so I am still getting my footing. I ordered belts and I do have one.... very difficult to put on so I thought... well I'm pushing sooo. Lesson learned. I put the belt on after and later down and massaged my tummy all yesterday. Feels better today. But I now have the belt on. I'm waiting on the Nu-Form ones to come's hard not to do things when they need to be done, and you have no one to help you!

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