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Bags W/Filters


I use convatec bags with filters, and it seems like there is probably a 10% fail rate. Anyone else seem to have bad luck with them?

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I think filters are great in concept but only work until you get a decent amount of output in your bag or til you get it wet. I don't rely on the filter for anything. 


I don't have any trouble with filters, seem to work great for me.


I used those for years as I thought it would keep the appliance smaller by letting the gas out. Over time, I realized that wasn't the case. Sometimes at night the filter would get wet if I had watery output. That caused the filter not to work with the added "benefit" of odor. I switched to bags without a filter and have been happier since I didn't have the odor issue anymore.


I use Hollister products and the filters are no better. They work for a couple hours that is it.

Reply to Elzie

This was my experience too! I feel like the no-filter ones work so much better for me for exactly the same reason. 


I don't like the filters personally.  They get plugged up quickly, but the real problem is that when they are working, they suck the front of the bag against the stoma, making the output have a hard time falling to the bottom of the bag, which can cause pancaking or leaks.  I use a bag with a filter, just because that particular bag doesn't come without one, but I cover it with one of those stickers.


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