Rectal Discharge with Disconnected Pouch: Seeking Advice


Hi, does anyone suffer from rectal discharge with a disconnected pouch? Thanks.


Hi Marie. I assume you mean when I have my pouch off for a change or shower, do I get a rectal discharge? My answer is no. However, since my January 3 colostomy, I've been wondering when and if I'd get that occasional plug of mucus that I was told may occasionally discharge from my rectum. I got pressure in my rectum just last week and a bit of a push on the potty brought forth a small plug of mucus. That's all that I've got going on back there.

Do you have events when your bag is off?

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What does having your bag open or off have to do with it?



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Hi Marie, I too have an ileostomy from a failed J-pouch that was unable to be removed. Yes, I do occasionally (once or twice every couple of weeks) have some discharge from my backside. My doctors have told me that this is normal because my body does continue to produce mucus in the intestine, in this case, the constructed J-pouch. Sometimes it's a very modest amount and sometimes more. I have noticed that at times it may look a little blood-tinged, but again, I have been told that it is completely normal. However, if you are having very bloody discharge and pain, then I would think your doctor would want to know this. I hope this helps.


I get rectal discharge all the time, it is a real nuisance but I have never had a build-up or plug as another poster said. Patrick

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Thanks for the quick answer, only 3 weeks after the operation. Just gutted now this is happening.

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Yes, mucus rectal discharge is perfectly normal, but the amount and frequency seems to vary from person to person.



I have rectal discharge all the time. Sometimes several times a day because my output comes in small amounts several times a day. I never knew or thought about the rectum producing mucus to help have a movement until I had my colostomy. I found out about it on this site.


Rectal drainage is normal as long as your rectum is in place. Only way to stop rectal drainage is to remove it.

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