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Just wondering if anyone takes vitamins? I have an ileostomy and there are a lot of dietary restrictions. I read that it is best to take liquid vitamins with my ostomy type. Please respond with anything you might know on this subject?   Thank You

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Hi Sunflowers,

I have a colostomy and take chewable ones.


Not sure what dietary restrictions you have as I am able to eat most things….I have a loop ileostomy and I take chewable B12 not sure how many different vitamins come in chewable or liquid form.  I did have one pill (think it was a Lipitor prescribed by a not so brilliant heart doctor) which arrived in all its glory in my pouch…fortunately it made the trek with no stops but now I fear all pills as I have major concerns about a blockage.

I guess the answer is eat healthy chew well….something easier said than done !


Hi 🌻🌻🌻,

     I just love your name btw! I still take all my vitamins in pill form with a loop ileostomy. I haven’t had any issues, and I know my iron and Vitamin D have improved. That’s just my experience though. ❤️


Hi Sunflower,  I have an ileostomy also, and I take a few different vitamins and supplements in pill form.  I have never had a problem and have never had a pill come out undigested.  I do have my nutrient levels checked regularly and everything has remained at normal levels.  I also don't have any diet restrictions.  There will be some ileostomates who have problems with some foods, but also many who don't, so the best thing is to experiment yourself with various foods to see how well you tolerate them.  Just be careful, start with small amounts of things you might be unsure of, like seeds, nuts or vegie and fruit skins.  Chew well and keep well hydrated.  Good luck!


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Thanks so much for sharing! I am fairly new to all this & the internet can scare you off of eating a lot of things. But I did note that things they told me were good were not good for me, so I guess you are right that you have to see how your body deals with it & proceed slowly. So I'm happy to hear you take vitamins & they digest all right. I was thinking about getting blood work re:my.. nutrients esp. calcium & magnesium. 

Thanks again for your kind help! I just love this site, am so grateful I found it. 

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Thanks for your response! I will look into chewable vitamins...The feedback that i'm getting is to try different foods & see how I do with obvious exceptions of nuts & skins. Think I've been being too harsh in what I allow myself. New to this & the internet can really scare you.

Nice of you to respond. This is such a great site!

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Thanks--I love Sunflowers, have them all over the house LOL  Thank you for responding I'm hearing that for many the pill form of vitamins are all right. I did take a calcium/magnesium pill & didn't explode Ha Ha so I guess I'll try what other vitamins I have here. I also have a loop ileostomy. Think I've been too restrictive in the foods I allow myself....the concensus appears to be Try it & see how I do in small amounts & without obvious things like nuts, seeds & skins. 

BTW I allowed myself a white russian today & did I ever feel relaxed. Drank Chopin Potato Vodka so I figured I wasn't entirely cheating!!  I Love this site. I am so grateful to have found it! Such a nice & supportive community!

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     White Russian, ooooo good for you! My older daughter also loves sunflowers, so they’ve become one of my favorites. 
     I had my ostomy surgery in August, and I was really strict at first. Now there’s not a lot I don’t enjoy. I’ve even done nuts, seeds, beans, and lots of different (cooked) veggies with no problem. It’s definitely a weird world. 😂 


Hi Sunflower when i had my first surgery thirty some years ago the surgeon suggested i take a multi vit. as i was so rundown from UC then my doctor said take a calcium as i was on prednisone for awhile later on after labs it was take D3 as i live in N. Michigan and we dont get a lot of sunshine during the winters.

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I'm glad you found us too, Sunflower!  Don't be afraid to try all the potential problem foods, like nuts, seeds and fruit skins, just be careful, start with really small amounts and make sure to chew really well.  I eat all of those things, plus things like mushrooms and corn which some people have problems with.  I can't stress enough how important liquid intake is also.  If your doctor or ostomy nurse didn't already tell you about this, someone with an ileostomy needs more than the normal amount of water in their diet.  The large bowel is the organ that absorbs most of the liquids we consume, so without it, we need extra.  Drink something with your meal, and then it's a good idea to drink a large glass of water after your meal too, as this will help move things along and help prevent blockages.  You should be hydrating throughout the day.  It may seem like a lot, but you will get used to it!  As for alcohol, the white russian sounds great, haven't had one in years!  But, alcohol does dehydrate, so when I have a beer or a glass of wine, I drink extra water to compensate, easy peasy.




Hi Sunflowers!

I have had my ileostomy for 27 years so I've had lots of time to experiment. I do take vitamins and I try to use mostly chewable or gummy versions since I have had trouble with pills coming through partially digested. If I have to take anything in pill form I usually take it with food and that helps. :)


Sunflower, I have had an ileostomy for 48 years and take vitamins and other supplements. I was told initially that enteric coated  and time release capsules don't dissolve well, so I avoid these  and if the pharmacist gives me either. I have them exchange for a different form.

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Thanks so much for your input especially about hydrating..lately I've been under emotional stress and that results in an increased output (diarrhea) I guess. Don't want to harm my kidneys. Also drinking an electrolyte drink called propel. Appreciate your concern.

       Thank you 


BTW  feeling better about expanding my dietary choices also after hearing about your experience.

Thanks also for the warm 😊 welcome 


Sunflowers I know it's a late post , hopefully you see it but I have loop ileostomy and I take a adult liquid multivitamin from centrum, found it on Amazon  I searched in stores too and crazy they don't carry liquid. I also drink Instant breakfast nutrition shake every morning it's got protein, vitamins and minerals a bunch of the good stuff 😁 I hope that helps you 


I have ileostomy and take chewable multi vitamin and tablet long as you don't use time release type of meds or vitamins you should be ok.....time release for us ileos is not functional as we process very quickly and its a wate

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