Concerns about change in ostomy output pattern and impact of exercise

Audrey Warren

I had a colostomy on November 8, 2021, and up until recently Stella was active only in the morning.

My problem was IBS-C with bloating and incomplete defecation. My pattern was to have two cups of coffee and then activity began. Because my doctor said I still have IBS, my elimination process will involve more than one trip to the loo. Sometimes I'm in the bathroom for over an hour.
I've gotten used to that and felt relieved that I was done for the day. I've started going to the gym and working with a trainer; I'd like to lose 15 lbs. The last three or four days I've noticed a change. One morning I spent almost two hours in the morning and had slight activity in the afternoon. This morning I only emptied once and it's going on 3 pm.
I was wondering if patterns change over time and if exercising with weight machines has any impact on Stella's behavior.
Also, I have ballooning often. I tried using osto-e-z vents but can't figure out how to use them. Sometimes Gas-X or Phazyme helps.
I haven't gone out other than the gym because I'm concerned about emptying my bag away from home.
I don't regret the elective surgery and have a positive outlook but am quite anxious about this change of pattern.

I find lots of good advice on this site and realize how lucky I am after reading so many cases of persons with much more serious, complicated, life-threatening conditions.

Audrey Warren


Why are you concerned about emptying your bag away from home? I presume you went places prior to having an ostomy, so what has changed? Going to the bathroom is pretty much the same concept, just a different way. I understand when it's brand new and you're still learning but after a couple of months, emptying shouldn't be a big deal. Not trying to pick on you or anyone that has a fear of going out in public with an ostomy but it's really no big deal to go to the bathroom. And to the other part of your post, anything we as ostomates do can influence changes to our "normal" (whatever that is) routine of when we have output. Have a good day.

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Hello Audrey.

Sorry to hear you are having problems.  You state that you have a colostomy, in which case you might be suitable for irrigation. I would urge you to look into this process as, if it is successful, all the sorts of difficulties you describe will simply not occur.

Irrigation is a process whereby we pour water into the stoma (usually via a tube and a cone) and this stimulates the bowel to expel its contents. usually no bag is needed and some will use a plug or a cap, just as a safety measure. your management of your stoma will be changed for the better and your life will be so much easier.

There are some good you tube videos of the procedure see: 'stoma irrigation'. 

I am sure there are others on her who will give advice on 'bags'.

Best wishes



Hi Audrey, as for emptying your pouch, just carry the items you need such as wet wipes, plastic gloves, etc. in a small bag. Emptying outside your home will give you more confidence and freedom to roam. I have tried the osto-vents and found them more trouble than they were worth. I now just release air by opening the bottom, holding the bottom up so no product exits, and release the air. Clean the opening with wet wipes. If you are at home, carry out the procedure in your garden or garage if you can, so there is less odor in your bathroom/wc.



What problems are you having with the Osto-EZ vents? I have an ileostomy and other than prepping the pouch, I've found them rather easy to use. There are a few videos on YouTube about how to attach and apply them that I found very helpful. I was completely at a loss before I found those videos. I also found out that should the EZ vent get clogged, a saline flush fits perfectly on the EZ vent opening to clear the clog. Like I said, I have an ileostomy, so I'm not sure the difference in appliances and attachment area for a colostomy pouch. At times though, I just do as stated above and "burp" my pouch, especially if the gas is really bad. Plus, it's faster and easier than using the EZ vent. Best of luck to you and the issues you are having. You are in the right place for support and advice. There are wonderful people here that have helped me tons. I'd be lost without this site.




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Audrey Warren
Reply to Abefroman1969

Thank you for your kind words. I'll figure it out. I also attend a local support group and it's a nice group. We met yesterday and feel very comfortable asking questions there.

Audrey aka Kitty

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