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Problema with Hollister products since Covid


I have been having serious problems with my Hollister products since the pandemic started. Let me start with the fact I have been using the same products for 13 years prior and there have been no changes to my weight. I was wondering if other ostomates have this issue. I used to get 4-5 days out of an appliance, now we’re down to two and on some bad days I have to change twice in one day. Is it bad storage? Supply chain? I need some theories before I phone Hollister because they always find some way to blame it on me and to add new products to my routine. An average appliance change costs about $15 here. Thank God the government pays but there is always the worry … terror that this *&$#ing think will leak in public (twice in the last month).

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Sorry you are having problems. I use Hollister  products. The only problems I have had is a couple wafers don't stick to the skin good around the edges. I have just put some tape around the edges and it is good. Hope you can get your problems resolved, Best wishes


Check the date on the box sometimes of the weather is hot or too cold probably affects the product I would think. Hollister did discontinue a couple items on the flange size so I had to redo my whole wardrobe I  call it


I believe there is another member here that was having issues with her hollister products as well, managed to find appliance defects and called hollister let them know and had her supplies replaced. Her issue was tiny holes leading to leakage issues. My apologies for not knowing what thread she talked about it on. I look around and see if I can find it.

my problem is I just can’t seem to attach my appliance properly, I go through phases where everything is great then I hit a rough spot where I can’t seem to get the appliance to last longer than 48 hours. 

try this thread

it may not help with your particular issue but it’s the same company with different issues hopefully it helps by getting you in contact with hollister and having them replace your defective products.


Hi there I use salts mouldable seals and have been doing ok for a while, getting the odd leak, I sometimes get 2 days without a change, but for some reason I am suddenly struggling to get a day, I am away at work on an oil rig for 21 days, I have been here for 16 and have had 3 complete failures, it is terrible, I don’t know what’s wrong? I have changed nothing, same routine, even when it’s not bursting when I change it it’s nearly there?

I am having a terrible time and don’t know what to do?

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Thank you so much. 

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Thank you!

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Thank you! The thread was valuable and may indicate there are storage/stocking issues during the pandemic. 

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I know the feeling. It’s maddening we have to do some much expensive research to find what works!

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Anytime my friend, I’ve received so much help here it was about time I was able to give something back.

I hope Hollister does the right thing and replaces your supplies.

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I feel your frustration, trying different ones and see what will work best ,you will find one, keep that faith.


Hi Gaetan,  It was me the other member was referring to, and yes, I have had two separate issues with my Hollister products recently, but no problems with the wafer sticking, which is a much bigger deal I think.  I had a pin-hole near the bottom of the pouch that leaked from the moment I put it on.  That only happened once, but several times now I've had pouches that leak through the vent.  I always plug my vent up with a little sticker, but it's not enough to stop the leak on some pouches.  My last one did the same thing, and I've decided from now on to put a piece of waterproof tape over the vent right from the start, and "assume" the thing is going to leak.  Both times I called Hollister to complain, they were very apologetic and sent replacements to me, sending more product than I actually needed to replace the defective ones.  I'm sorry you are experiencing what sounds like poor customer service (blaming you!) and I'm surprised to hear that.  My pouches continue to give me really good wear time, I only change every six days.  The expiry date on the side of the box is important, as the other member mentioned.  I recently changed providers and took note that they were sending me product with really good expiry dates (latest batch is 2027/01/01) before deciding to stay with them.  They are Canadian, by the way, if you are interested and have very good pricing.  Check out  It might be worth it for you to change providers.

Good luck!



Bonjour Gaetan. I think the smoked meat, steamed hot dogs, poutine and bagels are making your skin acidic and that why the appliances may not be sticking! Just kidding!!!

I use Eakin seals under my two piece Convatec and I can wear it for at least 6 days. It is only by my choosing that I change at 4 days, sometimes 5. I just think wearing an appliance more than 4 days loses its freshness. I also choose not to buy pouches with an deodorizer. I never have leaks or should I say it has been over 20 years since I’ve had one and that was because I used a completely different system. If you have any questions just ask me. Mike


I have used Hollister products all along. That is what the hospital used. I have tried all the different rings and that is where I have had problems not with the Hollister flanges and bags. I now use Salts rings and get 10+ days between changes. Works for me.


New Image™ Two-Piece High Output Drainable Ostomy Pouch is a Hollister which I recomend if you are having issues. It is hard to have a leak with this product, specially because it is made for high output. The item number is 18012. You can use a ring with it and it will last you for days.

Ask your doctor for a 'Medical Necessity' note so you can order more pouches per month. The process as I know it is your gastro doctor will send you to an ostomy nurse who will just take a look at your stoma and ask questions. Just answer you have lots of liquid output, that everything turns to fluid; it's that simple, you take that and send it to your insurance company and voila you get many more pouches per month. You can say you have three changes a day, and they will oblige, they have to.

There is a company called Byram, not the best but does the job if yo don't want to pay upfront. It's the only company that works directly with insurance companies.


My recent supply of Hollister pouches arrived with a yellow note explaining changes made to the film.
Hollister claimed that the new pouches would perform as well as the previous ones with the film being more transparent (it's not. It is tan and opaque on the skin side), and has odor resistant properties (not nearly as much as the previous pouches). An hour after attaching the first of the new pouches, I thought I had sprung a leak due to the odor.
On the plus side, the velcro works much better and it seems to adhere to the skin better yet releases easily when changing.
I contacted Hollister by email and phone. I was told the film supplier no longer was able to supply film and Hollister is anticipating having their own film later this year or next.
They've received complaints about odor and the film making crinkling noises.


I am having issues with the wafer. They do not hold like they used to. Will be trying another brand on my next order. Going to try the EAKON brand


Since my post regarding odor issues, I've received many samples from Hollister and have spoken and emailed extensively with one of their WOCN Nurses.
I have switched from the 8531 to 8961 which has Cera-Plus, venting and is pre-cut.
What an improvement! My skin is happier and I am happier.
Hollister will send samples if you request.

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