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Too many leaks


I am 3 weeks into my ileostomy and have been having leaks every day for the past week. The first 2 weeks, I had Coloplast supplies that were given to me at the hospital. My home nurse ordered my round of supplies, and they were from Hollister. I am not sure if it is the product or if I am doing something wrong.

I'm a 59-year-old male, still working and active. I golf and play on 2 softball teams that will be starting soon. I was feeling good about the ileostomy until the leaks started occurring every day. I am looking for advice on products and any tips or tricks that anyone may have.

Thank you.

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I use coloplast supplies, I had/have the same issues. The only advice I have is to take your time when changing appliances, that's what has worked best for me. I'm currently going through a period of leaks and can't seem to get my appliance attached properly and they are only lasting about 48 hours, the weeks prior I was getting 8 days between changes and that was a nice change from the 48 hour business. I'm hoping that by taking my time the current appliance lasts at least 4 days, I'm on day 2.

Good luck and my apologies if I've changed this post to “all about me”. 

I've had my ileostomy since January 26th of this year. 

Best of luck with the Hollister supplies, they are my 2nd choice after Coloplast. 


Different bags from different companies work better or worse for different people, unfortunately there is quite a bit of trial and error sometimes to find the best one for you. I'd speak to your home nurse if I was you about maybe switching back to Coloplast, if they work well for you then why change to a different one? Obviously people will have their individual preferences but sometimes the glue on one style of bag won't stick to you properly, or maybe the flange is the wrong shape for your stomach. If you had good success with Coloplast, I'd stick with them. (I'm a Coloplast user as well, the grey coloured sensura mio bags). Also, at first it can be daunting trying to get the d#&@ bag to stick so if you're not already, hold your hand over the bag firmly for a couple of minutes after sticking the new bag on - the warmth from your hand helps activate the adhesive. Also with warmth, if you have access to a hair dryer, blowing warm air on the lowest setting for a few seconds onto the flange can also help. What I actually do is sit on a stool while changing and tuck it under my leg where I'm sitting, and warm the flange up that way (I don't own a hair dryer, and tbh don't really want to!). And there are plenty of ostomy YouTube channels with loads of information - Maggie from LetsTalkIBD, Amber from The Ostomy Diaries, and Eric from VeganOstomy just to name a few. Also, Hannah Witton (channel is the same name) has a whole load of stoma content. Her channel is mainly about sex education, but in amongst all that she has plenty of videos about ostomy life. Hope this all helps!


Hi Douglas, I agree with Abe & Meadow, if the Coloplast products worked for you, then continue to use them. I've had my colostomy since March 2020 and have always used Coloplast products. Good luck! 🌻 


The choice of products to use is very individualized so I won't offer any advice on which to use/not use. I will say the hair dryer thing works well. I'll also add that only being at 3 weeks, you're still healing and your stoma is changing sizes as everything heals, so measuring accurately is important. I'll also ask if you're using a barrier ring or not? Good luck. 


Sorry to hear your having issues.

I use an Ekin seal between my Barrier and skin it fills in the gaps, I also wear a belt 24/7 and that makes all the difference, when I wear a belt all the time I get 8 to 14 days if I don't I get 3. The belt doesn't have to be anything fancy or be really tight, just to add a little pressure. Hope that helps

i will be praying for you 



Hi Douglas,

I came home from the hospital in 2015 with Convatec supplies, and they were just okay.  I have tried many different brands and products and have settled on Hollister for barriers, barrier rings and pouches.  They have a nice mini pouch that you may want to look into, once you solve your leakage problem. It is much shorter so it doesn't hit the top of your thigh, and it is much less obtrusive.

It is very important to protect your skin, especially if you have an ileo and you are experiencing leaks.  Ileo output can really tear up your skin quickly.  If you don't already use a barrier wipe, there are several out there you could check out.  I use Cavilon wipes by 3M.

I am in Michigan and would be glad to help you in any way I can. Feel free direct message me if you would like. 



Hi Douglas

I hope you mange to resolve this issue soon.

I've had my ileostomy for 20 years, and during this time, appliance leaks have been very rare. I have only ever used a Dansac Invent (Ref 337 - 15) 1 piece drainage ostomy pouch, and have never considered trying any other product. I cut the flange opening myself, and have never had to use any kind of accessory with my pouch. I have a very active lifestyle, work full-time, cycle and travel, and have great confidence and faith in, how efficient this product proves to be for me.

If you have a stoma nurse, they may be able to provide you with some trial sample products, including Dansac ones, otherwise you could request samples direct from the company.



Reply to Abefroman1969

I understand the frustration of having issues with the length of time between changes. I have a colostomy and had some of the same issues. I have recently started using. A product called skin tac wipe. It is a small packet like the adhesive remover and skin barrier wipes in the little foil packets. It seems to be some form of an adhesive wipe but it does work. True it makes it a bit more challenging for bag removal as there is that extra layer of adhesive. But i can now extend the time between appliance changes by anywhere between 2-4 days.  It is M S407W but try as i may i cant find on the box a manufacturer i hope this might be useful informationSkin tac wipe

Reply to Lilmac

It's very useful, thank you


Hi I've had my ileostomy since August of 21 so I'm a newbie lol but the best supplies I've recieved is through 180 medical and they have convatec fitted wafers for your  stoma and Eakins for leaks and convatec bag that clips over the wafer,so I use the spray around the stoma to make it sticky than the Eakins directly over the stoma than I use the fitted wafer with stoma paste around the part that sticks to skin I can get up to 6 days without replacing the wafer,I might slide the bag off after 4 days cause I have a high output,I hope this helps .


All good tips. The thing that finally stopped the leaks for me was taping all around the flange with tagederm tape strips about 2 inches wide. It stabilizes it from moving around causing separation and leaks. I now get 7 days on a bag.  Good luck


Welcome . Education is key on this new journey of yours.   I suggest you check out UOAA, United Ostomy Association of America. It's our National organization.  Also , .  You will learn about foods, blockages skin care, clothing , Ostomy products, travel, activities , and a whole host of other tricks of the trade.   You might also want to check out a local support group near you .  Just remember you are not alone on this new journey of yours.  Best of luck.


Also, SOAP.   Soap with oils in them are a no,no.   Ivory or Dial works best for me.   Good luck.  


Lots of good advice here.  I got started with Hollister products as well.  When I had to reorder, I could not get the fancy skin barrier wipes, they were Mckesson, and I got something comparable in the Hollister world.  I immediately had issues with attachment.  I found it makes a big difference to wait and make sure the products are dry before placing your bag on your skin.  Also, I purchased different wipes.  Finally, I notice that if I sleep on my side, it doesn't adhere as well.  Best of luck to you!


Hi I must say everything every one is saying Also We all are different but remember some things we eat cause gas and it makes it come apart and that's me not sure everyone else! But try everything and sometimes I think it's the flange not sticking enough! I been since 2013 trying to figure out how to stop them! Good luck 



Hi, I have a very high output ostomy since 2019. I have dealt with leaks constantly. I have found that Hollister wafers cut to fit 2pc system measured very carefully because stoma sizes change alot early on coupled with a ring from Convatec and stomahesive paste and Convatec sensi care barrier wipes or 3m cavillon wipes/spray work really well. I have used a thousand products lol. I also found that belly bands with inner pouches from Convatec help immensely to keep the bag against your body and prevent the weight from pulling the bag down. Keep trying new products. The big companies are generous with their samples and usually so are stoma nurses. I also use micropore tape and barrier strips around the outside when I am going to be active. My soma isn't in an ideal place for bending. Good luck 🤞


Hi, I too had been experiencing leaks and  needed to change my bag daily. I have an ileostomy which is often high output and watery. I had been using a one piece Hollister. Even with careful cleaning, barrier spray, Brava seals and flange extenders fitted all the way round, the output would still seep under the adhesive and cause the bag to leak and eventually  detach. It would also make the skin sore around the stoma. This week have just tried some samples of the moldable  convatec esteem one piece.
It's got a collar that fits snugly round the stoma. Early days but so far, no leaks, no need for flange extenders and no sore skin. Might be worth a try 



Ugh!  I feel ya. I am a huge Coloplast fan. Their Mio is awesome. If you haven't already, I'd suggest calling Coloplast and maybe Convatec and ask for samples. They will help you determine what are good options. Coloplast has amazing service and are generous with their samples.  I agree that each person may need a different product or brand so try different things. Also, are you using a barrier ring?  It's a bit sticky and goes around your stoma and the the wafer is put over it. 

Good luck!



I initially used pre moistened wipes to clean around stoma and had lots of leaks. Fount that the wipes had chemicals that interfered with the appliance sticking. Since stopping the use of the pre moistened wipes I have had no problems. I also use hollister. Not sure if any of this applies to your situation but hope it helps. Good luck. 

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