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Ileostomy leaking

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

I realize leaking is going to occur periodically. My husband lost a lot of weight so he does have creases in his skin. We are still in the experimenting phase and I've watched a few suggestions on you tube. We had some success with the paste for awhile and also with the slim barriers. Someone suggested Hollister adhesive spray. Have any of you tried this and any other suggestions? He's a prior stroke patient and wants to get back to therapy but is currently afraid he'll start leaking. As I said we have actually gone 6 days with out a leak and then today flange was changed in the AM and this afternoon it was leaking after he did some exercises.


I have always exercised without problem, and it sounds like your husband just needs to perfect his technique and settle on the best product.  The ostomy supply companies typically will give sample products upon request.  That might be something to consider at this point, and also a sit down with a trained ostomy nurse to check on what he's doing.  Good luck.

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I wouldn’t use the spray to depend on, I see it to use if you start to come off and as an emergency fix. 


Where is  it leaking from?  Is he blowing out the flange or 8s the bag detaching from the flange? 

I don't use the hydrocolloid under the flange as it is prone to leaking....

I am an active person... I use 70mm flange with matching bag 

I find the larger opening flanges and bags seem to take the abuse I put them thru with out any leaking... I used 42mm flanges and bags in the beginning and they always seem to fail me shortly after I put them on....

Try this approach and see it it helps ....


Maybe will help this is from Holister Supplies...

Make sure your skin barrier fits properly. A skin barrier that fits well around your stoma helps protect your skin from being irritated or damaged by drainage. It doesn’t really matter whether your stoma is large or small, or whether it protrudes or not, as long as the drainage flows into your pouch without leaking under the skin barrier.


Measure the stoma using a stoma measuring guide before every barrier application
Apply the skin barrier, making sure it fits where the skin and stoma meet
Verify that no skin is showing between the skin barrier and the stoma
Apply stoma powder to any open skin before applying your new pouching system
Discontinue use of stoma powder when peristomal skin is no longer weepy or moist to the touch. If red, but not moist, stoma power is not necessary.

Change your ostomy pouch on a regular basis. It is important to change your pouch on a regular basis before it is susceptible to leakage. An overfilled or overweight pouch causes undue strain on your skin barrier attachment to the skin, which could lead to leakage.


Change your pouch on a regular schedule before it leaks
Pouching system wear time is based on personal preference, your unique stoma, and output
Twice a week changes are considered usual

Make sure your ostomy pouch is secure during exercise or physical activity. If you are participating in sporting activities or other forms of exercise, you can wear certain clothing or accessories that can help ease your concerns. The same goes for other “physical activities” (i.e. sex).


Use a support garment or an ostomy wrap  to keep the pouch securely in place
Try different sports attire, such as running tights or Lycra® shorts, to see what works best
It’s also a good idea to empty your pouch before exercise or having sex

Take special care when removing your ostomy skin barrier. Improperly or rapidly removing of your skin barrier could cause skin stripping. The associated damage could lead to irritation, pain, and leaks.


Take your time – gentle and slow is best
Gently peel the barrier away from skin, starting at the top and working downwards, while pressing against the surrounding skin


dentalguy44 wrote:

Where is  it leaking from?  Is he blowing out the flange or 8s the bag detaching from the flange? 

I don't use the hydrocolloid under the flange as it is prone to leaking....

I am an active pe...

The bag only detached once at night and that was because it was way to full and had a lot of gas.  It seems to be when it's more liquidy (not necessarily a large amount). It must be seeping under the barrier ring where the skin creases are and then we'll see it starting under the sticky tape area of the flange.

Interesting that you find the hydrocolloid rings leak more. I had just used a sample one when it leaked right away.  

Thanks for the advise.


Hi doe1mama, I teach senior fitness and practice yoga so I'm moving and twisting a lot. I also have uneven skin around my stoma that seems even more pronounced lately (age??) I just started trying convex barrier rings that fit smoothly into the dips around my stoma, then a convex one piece bag over that. Hollister and Coloplast make them. I'm not sure if insurance covers them or even if the main medical supply companies carry them - I got mine on Amazon. I don't want to tempt the gods but so far so good. I've also cut down on fiber so my stoma isn't working so hard and jostling the barrier ring and bag. I hope everyone's suggestions help your husband.


For someone who's experiencing leakage problems and want to get them under control, there is one two piece system that if used with the rings that you can order with them, they will not fail, ever, unless you do something careless. You can swim, exercise, run, and it is so thin that it is so easy to hide. If you have a flat stomach, you can't even see it cause it drops. I use it for swimming, and also if I go out, or during intimacy. They're pretty handy, do not have to be your number one appliance but it has its uses, and one of them is it prevents leaks. The system is: Hollister New Image™ Two-Piece High Output Drainable Ostomy Pouch. I'd recommend you use to avoid leaks, and then try others see what is your favorite. That's what I did and worked until I found another one. If you use it with the adhesive ring, and then place the wafer on top, you'd have to yank it to get it off you, that is how strong it adheres to the body; the ring acts like super glue. And the tip will not open on its own, impossible, as foolproof as it gets.

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