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Eakin stoma wrap……


Anyone use the Eakin stoma wrap instead of a true barrier ring? Just wondering how well they work and how easy they are to work around a stoma? I hate stretching my barrier ring out so much as it makes it thinner in the process and thought maybe these would work better with less stretching. 🤷‍♂️ I emailed for samples so I'll eventually give them a try. 

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I never heard of them. Post a review once you try them. 😀


Alex never heard as well....please let us know the comparison of them you know I'm a varrier ring girl and agree the thickness changes with the on


Do not know what you are talking about. Post a pic when you get them. I never liked stretching out my rings either. I found one that was sized to fit but did not last that long. I now use a Salts ring that is bigger, I just fold a bit over then flatten it and cut off the excess and I am good for 10 + days.


Here's a stock photo, says they're 85mm….


Hi Alex,

Are you talking about Eakin seals? If so, I use the Eakin slim seals around my stoma. It helps to strengthen my barrier opening, helps with uneven skin and keeps my barrier on much longer. They can be warmed up in your hand and molded to fit around your stoma on your skin, or I personally like to stick it to the barrier around the hole I make and then stick it to my skin. 


85 mm that is huge

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I think that refers to the length of the wrap. 🤷‍♂️ 

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You can see in the picture I posted that it's basically a barrier ring but open. I would think it would make it much easier to fit around your stoma and you wouldn't have to stretch it much. 

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I guess you over lap it till you get the size you like. Just have smooth it out on the joints.


Okay, would someone please educate me re barrier rings?  I wear Hollister for years and just place their skin barrier over the stoma, then add the bag.  I've never used a barrier ring.  Are they just for folks with uneven skin?  With the Hollister skin barrier, I've never needed anything else and never had an issue.  But I see so many people refer to barrier rings and adhesive and other stuff I've never used since Hollister entered my life, I'm wondering if I'm missing something...

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Henry, if you're not having issues, I wouldn't worry about it. My ostomy nurse said for as physical as my job is that the barrier ring would add extra strength to the seal, so I've always worn one. Do I need one, no idea but the last place I wanna find out is riding a rail car at 20mph. 

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I use the Eakin slims too and also mild it to the barrier, not my stoma. I then use a hairdryer to heat everything up after it's all applied to adhere to skin. I haven't had a leak ever since I used this method. 


I did not care for the Ekin seal it gets gummy and breaks down  fast. I changed to the Coloplast Protective Seal.  ( NOT the moldable seal those suck) It comes in two thicknesses and  Many different size openings. I always open ring not stretching but breaking open so instead of a O it's a C shape. I then wrap it around and overlap the edge and press edges into each other. I then put my wafer on and with my pointer fingers  press down to make sure the wafer and ring make good contact and there is no space around stoma .. I use a Hollister wafer and bag but love the coloplast protective ring . I get 6 sold days never have had  a leak in 3 years. You can call Coloplast and ask for samples. 

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Think of a barrier ring as a Sticky Gasket . It sticks to the Skin and wafer and also since it's soft you can snug it up against your stoma. For me it stops micro leaks and I do not feel the hard rim of the wafer against my stoma. Since stoma's swell tiny bits as it moves stuff out the soft ring flexes as the stoma moves swells. It's like wrapping your stoma with flat ring of plumbers putty. 🤣

Reply to HenryM're a lucky man if you don't need a ring!  If I were you I'd just forget you even heard about 'em, and ignore any conversations about it..... and get on with gettin' on.......because it's just one more ostomy accessory you don't need.  You lucky devil, you.  Simpy put it's just the next step in the product line to prevent leaks under your barrier.  When they give you your ostomy in the hospital they typically don't put a ring on, unless your skin is uneven or has folds.  But if you experience a leak it's the next step to try to prevent it.  As said, it's just a sticky thick gasket that gives a better seal between your stoma and the ID of your barrier.  It's basically a thicker pliable version of the adhesive paste that folks use to fill in dips and gaps.  For colostomates, with dry formed stool, I doubt they'd ever need one, unless their skin is uneven....but for those with a more liquid or all liquid's a godsend.  Of course they come in all sizes and thicknesses, as you've read.  So it's just another (rather popular) tool in the ostomate's toolbox to keep a shitbag stuck on and leak free......but a lot of us need them.  




I switched to the moldable convatec / covex wafer  years ago, and that worked great...   but the bottom of my stoma pulled " in" along with my belly creating a bit of a " depression.    First I used stoma  hesive paste, but it got  messy.    Started to use pieces of  the eakin seal/   cutting them  in half,   to go  under my stoma.....   Because t hey mold. when pressed, I could ev en out the seal  with the reg wafer...    These days, I'm experimenting with using t he whole eakin seal ( slim)  and molding the extra  to the flatness of t he upper part of the regular wafer..    Have no desire to go through a surgery t o  reset my stoma......   My belly is a scarred roadmap..   This is like " paving" t he imperfections..    Great product if you need a " filler"..    If you don't "N eed it"...   great...   But it's good to know what's available...   Marsh


It is  a gasket for your stoma..prevent leaks especially if your stoma is kinda short and retracts sometimes or if you wear tight or fitted pants, dresses ,swim suit or skirts. 

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