Filtered vs Non-Filtered Pouches: Leaks and Humidity

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The forum discussion is about the pros and cons of filtered vs non-filtered pouches and potential causes of leaks and pancaking.

We're interested in knowing thoughts on filtered vs non-filtered pouches? Also, my husband has had more leaks the past 2 weeks. Wondering if the high humidity has anything to do with it?

And a big thanks regarding the remarks about mineral oil in the forum. He was having some pancaking and that really did help.

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And you don't feel like either is related to leaking around the flange or causing pancaking?

How to Empty a Urostomy Pouch | Hollister

I have always worn filtered bags and I deal with pancaking quite a bit. I have the worst issues with pancaking when my bag is new compared to once it's been on for awhile. I figure once the filter gets plugged, it works better. So, I'd go with unfiltered if you have a choice.
As far as high humidity, it could be an issue but I'm fairly confident I put my bag/ring through way more than most when it comes to being exposed to high heat/humidity and I don't have any issues. Has anything changed in the last 2 weeks that may be causing the leaks?

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Good question. Nothing has really changed physically, but it may have been my fault. We are in the process of moving and I may have been rushing the process and not allowing it to get a tight enough fit.

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Maybe not a physical change but it could be something subtle like you started using soap to wash the area with or a different soap, not getting the area completely dry (might be the being in a hurry part), different product, etc.

Like I said, I'm very hard on my bag/ring with all the sweating I do and being in the heat so much and I've yet to have any issues. Good luck, dealing with leaks would be a real pain in the front butt.


Afternoon Doe...I'm an ileo and only use filters...Only cover filter when in shower...does balloon some still but mostly along with heavy output...I also use baby oil to avoid pancaking as well a little air in the bag helps it drop....I never notice smell escaping from filter but thus far this is with Coloplast products...will be trying new filter in a Hollister next change....

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I agree, it does seem to pancake less with a used pouch. I guess the best thing is to empty as soon as we see pancaking.

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Pretty much what I do. It may not be a lot but it drives me nuts to feel it just sit in a blob on my stoma.


Hi there,

I use Coloplast and I started off with filtered bags and I changed to unfiltered. The filter with me would get clogged within an hour or so. Also, for me, the filter would suck like vacuum-sealed even with covering the filter so I switched.

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