Recovery Progress: When did you start feeling better?


When did you start to feel better? I'm almost 3 weeks out of surgery and they placed an ileostomy. Diverticulitis with major complications. Ended up being an 8-hour surgery to remove all infection and abscesses. And had to take ovary and Fallopian tube. I also had double knee replacements 4 months ago, not knowing I'd be dealing with recent surgery. I'm struggling with mild abdominal pain and back pain. Just not feeling like I'm progressing enough. Thanks!

Homie With A Stomie NS

Howdy JennT....Like you, I am an ileo since March/22 with an 8-hour operation with placement of stoma and removal of much my 4th month with occasional discomfort but more from other stuff than the ileostomy....remember, you are recovering from major surgery and not just the ileo part...every part of your body has to heal and adjust....each day it gets better

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Oh my! Sorry you had to go through all that. Maybe it was adhesions, not abscesses, maybe. Everybody heals differently and you went through a little more than typical. I would guess you'd have a couple more weeks, but make sure to take it easy so you don't tear anything. I've had more than my fair share of surgeries and it usually takes about a month.

Good luck.

I will be praying for you.



Your body has been beat up good, give it time. Take your pain pills regularly before the pain gets worse. Eventually, you'll start to wean yourself off of them and notice you can move a little more each day without issue. Good luck.

Mabsie Moll
Reply to Homie With A Stomie NS

Hi Mommabear, I hope you are well? I have loads of questions for you!!! You're about 3 months post-op ahead of me! Will your ileostomy be reversed? Has the tenderness of your abdomen subsided? Have you gone swimming in the sea? In a swimming pool? (We don't swim in lakes much in Ireland) What's your stoma output like? Have you got it to between 800ml and 1,000ml? You seem very upbeat and content. I'm getting there. I will be 8 weeks post-op on Fridaycoming but trying to put on weight is a struggle. My diet is very starchy (no issue there, I love potatoes - well, I am Irish!!! Rice, pasta, etc.), but refined foods and high-calorie foods are included too. Regards, Mabsie Moll‍

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Homie With A Stomie NS
Reply to Mabsie Moll

Good morning Mabsie Moll....

My ileostomy is permanent. They removed all of my large bowel plus some....

My tenderness has subsided. I get the odd pain or stitch every now and then as the tummy tightens and strengthens.

I haven't been swimming as of yet. I'm not much of a water baby, but I shower every day and have a good tub soak as well. With the bag on, I take it off once per week for a shower and change.

My stoma output for the most part is liquidy, especially after soda or coffee. But it changes with what I eat or snack on. I don't measure output as I empty every time I pee, lol.

Weight is also my struggle, but I get weighed every 2 weeks. After 3 months, I gained a pound or ounces for the last 2 months. It is certainly slow, but it's happening. My latest is fully loaded potatoes, no skins of course, and I eat and snack 4-5 times per day. I make sure to salt foods as well. When this started, I was 178. After surgery, I was 130. Now, 3 months later, I am 138. I take chemo every 2 weeks, so the weight will come. Just eat and eat, hun, add it slowly.

I refuse to let this stop me from enjoying life and having fun. It is what it is. I poop like everyone else, just in a bag, lol. Hope I answered your questions. Please feel free to ask away, love... or email me at

Have a great day.

Your homie with a stomie,


Homie With A Stomie NS

Turns out it was emergency surgery. My bowel perforated.... Apparently, it was a very large tumor. After the radiologist examined it, it came back as stage 4 bowel cancer as well. Hence, chemo now every 2 weeks...... So, 8 hrs later, large bowel gone and my stumpy arrived.

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I feel your pain. I have different problems but same parallels. I had a failed urostomy and had to have it redone. Oh... the pain!! I was in surgery for 6 hours. My first urostomy leaked and caused urine inside my abdomen. I had knee replacement surgery 5 weeks ago, so I know the struggle!! I also have colon pain every day. One doctor said it could be UC, but I'm not sure. It's the last thing I need.

Mabsie Moll

Gosh, reading different people's experiences here, I think we probably all think, "Thank goodness I can handle my own situation," because other people - to me, at any rate - appear to have gone through the ringer. I can't imagine the pain you may be in, Momma Bear. Respect.