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I requested a sample of the Esteem Drainable Pouch Convatec Ref.# 416976 with redesigned  InvisiClose 

Excited to try it as I do hate the clamp closure on their pouches.  Sorry to report “failure “ the Velcro strip does not go from side to side leaving a slight space on each side for leakage 🫣 not a good thing for an ileostomate.

 I have also tried the Hollister and like the closure with wider Velcro coverage but had issues with the pouch.  Has anyone else tried Convatec’s new  Esteem pouch and had a similar experience?  Justbreathe 

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Yes, I have an ileostomy I've tried samples of Esteem had no problems or issues, I try samples of everything new that comes out but still use my old Salts Confidence Natural I've been using for around 10 years or maybe longer as have no problems with them so don't see the point in changing to anything else. 

There all well made it's just finding what's suitable for you hope you find the right one for yourself soon.


Yes I have tried it and told them their product sucks and I am going back to Hollister after being with Convatec for 30 years. I told them they made a huge mistake dropping pouch item number 413334. It had a double velcro closure and I never had a leak with them. I find the new Velcro pouches and even the Hollister pouches are risky but if I had the choice I’d go with Hollister. Another option is Coloplast but I can’t find a suitable gasket.

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