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Full bag, !!!!


Is it just me, or does anyone else’s bag fill (to the brim) during foreplay……… it’s so much of a problem that most of the time I feel like I need to change the subject when the situation of intimacy raises its head. This seems to happen to me at anytime of the day or night.

it’s sending me crazy and killing my relationship 

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As soon as I get some foreplay, I’ll let you know if it’s just you or not. 😬😩


Hi Andy! I have a golden rule. If I know that I am going to be intimate I do not eat after 9 pm. Same when I play volleyball or softball. Game time is 7 pm. I do not eat after 2 pm. I also don’t eat heavily. Just enough to be satisfied. If you are intimate at other times of the day then you might be shit out of luck. I’d rather think that timing is everything. Mike


I'm sorry I am married what's foreplay again????? I'm with Alex T if I get and figure out it's foreplay will let ya know...

Find humor in it may help 😉 



How long does your foreplay last?

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I thought foreplay had something to do with golf... 

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You are too funny Alex !  Good luck!


At times just one of those things I tell her not to move I'll be back to finish what I've started run to toilet empty bag 1 minute later after washing my hands I'm back on the job again, if the worse happens just both jump in shower and finish each other off in there...Do you think it could be down to you worrying about it? stress can play a big part in bags filling....have you ever taken lomotil or something similar a few hours before when you think it's going to be your lucky night to see if it slows your output down 

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That's what I thought, or is it Timmmmber .. nah.. that's not right..


That’s probably because you’re so relaxed. I wonder if the marshmallow hack would work for this as well? I have read that people eat marshmallows before bag change time and it keeps the stoma from being active so they can get the bag on. Other than that just don’t eat a few hours prior. Only things I can think of. 

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