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Sensura Mio Flex bags…..


Anyone use the Sensura Mio Flex bags with the adhesive coupling? Looks like a disaster waiting to happen unless the 2 pieces actually bond together. 🤷‍♂️ I got an email about them and just wondering how they work/ stand up to use. 

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Hi A,

  No, never even considered them.  I use the 2 piece click, as I like having access to my stoma if I need it.  I'm sure the adhesive is a type of contact cement, so it probably sticks like hell.  Assuming you align both pieces well when you go to stick them.  But looks to be thinner than the 2 piece click.  As a side note, I thought the 2-piece click was a pretty secure attachment.  Then the other day I was fishing leaves out  of my above ground pool.  As I walked behind the backside I was leaning against the pool as I walked, and at one point I felt my ostomy belt come lose.  Thinking WTF? I picked up my shirt to find my bag had somehow exited stage right, if you know what I mean.  So not as secure as I once thought. Easy enough to snap back on though.  



they sent me a sample of it when they first came out, but I never tried it because my regular set up is convex and the sample they sent wasn't… I wonder about them though. they could potentially be more comfortable…or maybe i just want that to be true… 😂

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What? Your bag isn't comfortable? 😁


I don't really understand how it would stay on if you moved around a normal people. 🙄


Yes I've tried samples and had no disasters and yes obliviously they bond together with adhesive, really good quality I can't find any faults.....they come into there own if you have mobility problems with your hands/arms if you can only use 1 hand try and change a standard 2 piece with locking ring with only 1 hand it ain't easy, even more so if your right handed or left and then can only use your opposite hand it's extremely difficult been there done it!....with this one as it's adhesive instead of locking ring it makes it so much easier to just pull the bag of the base plate and apply a new one to the's not the first type made this way I was using another brand 20 years ago after having a stoke as I couldn't use my left side and being left handed it was much easier for me to just pull the bag of base and apply a new one than to try and drain a bag.......if your still having difficulty understanding how they work just have a look at there site  

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Thanks for all the info. 

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like an old pair of sweatpants… 🥴


These are actually the ones I use. Have since January. So far I haven't had a problem. Holds up in the shower too. One thing with these you have to make sure it's aligned correctly with the base plate. Hence the blue circle. I tried the click hoping it would work but unfortunately it didn't.

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Nothing better than that. 😁

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