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I have a question 2 years in the making. I have had my illeostomy for 2 years and I get foamy output on occasion. I haven't been able to get a suitable answer from many people and websites. Does anyone else here get the same thing as me? The output makes a bubbling sound as it comes out, and its just foamy. It doesn't hurt or cause any problems it just happens. Wondering, curious for a couple years now......


I'm not sure about foamy but mine will sometimes create bubbles when I lightly pass gas, not that I sit and watch it but have noticed it when I'm changing my bag. Your intestines have quite a bit of fluid in some form or another in them. So, air and fluidy stuff creates bubbles which I guess could be like foam. &zwj


for me it's if I haven't eaten much in an unusually long period and it seems to be encouraged if I drink something with artificial sweetener too. particularly for me seemed it was lipton diet citrus green tea on a really empty stomach.

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Hi jalrein,

Well.......maybe you should use a little less Dawn when you wash your dinnerware and utensils!Ok, seriously, foam isn't all that unusual. It usually happens when you're bowels are empty and your bile is becoming aerated a bit. I get it often because I'm short-gutted and my bowels get empty pretty quickly. Just don't swallow your bubblegum.......or you'll be blowing bubbles in your bag!Ahh, the joys of being an ostomate!!!Gotta luv it!


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Thank you AT...

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I don't eat after 5 PM the day before I change.  Then, the next morning, emptying just prior to changing, I see foamy or bubbly output, which tells me I'll likely be able to change without having to deal with output during the change.  I deduce that it is from the time elapse that has allowed my system to empty out.


Yes, occasionally I get milk shake type output. I have a colostomy. I do not keep a food diary so do not know what is going on. My bag is full and not too heavy so I think it is just gas but no it is pressurized pooh and can explode.


I've always just assumed it's gas bubbles. I get it often, and it's often noisy when it's coming out, but not always.



Howdy fellow ileostomy mate and yep it happens to me...sometimes depending whatI drink example soda or pop diary products etc anything gasy or bubbly and how many in the day. Certain foods especially gasy foods does it for me....neither does it constantly it's my stumpy it has a mind of it's own lol....fear not it's just our accessory saying here have some gassylittle air bubbles that get pushed through before there's any digested food there or ur tummy is just upset. I take a pepto if it's an all day thing....It's completely normal and nothing to be concerned about... If it is consistant you may want to call ur doc or ostomy nurse and inquire...

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Milk makes mine foamy

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