Wafer is difficult to remove. Need ideas


The last 2 times I've removed my wafer, I didn't think I'd get it off! The adhesive remover isn't working. What is a favorite adhesive remover of yours? ;I am currently using the convatec natura wafer and used the cardinal health prep and remover. TIA!


How often do you change it? ;I use the same wafer and if I try to remove it after a day or 2 it's really difficult. I can get 10 to 14 days out of 1 wafer.


I use this. Works wonders


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I've been changing it every 2-3 days because of skin irritation. Thank you, that may be why. I will try and let it go longer.

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Thank you, I will order it.

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Changing that frequently and adhesive remover could case irritation #justsaying


I use the Hollister adhesive remover spray, never an issue.


I use ADAPT adhesive remover wipes, there is extra liquid in each packet that helps on the tough spots, I've also used the Esenta spray (before they changed the name) and the wipes with the new branding, it works quite well, also used adhesive remover from coloplast, they have all worked well for me, I thought I was a spray only guy but the wipes work better for me.
I also have an ileostomy and use a one piece system so I only have to worry about the barrier seal and the baseplate connected to my appliance.
Recently in the hospital I had to go back to using a 2 piece system and had the opposite effect of the baseplate not adhering properly.


Hi LS,

I'm not that familiar with that wafer.......is the bandage part (outer part) a cloth material that's perforated (that's what it looks like in the pics), or is it a solid piece of plastic?Also, are you having trouble with the adhesive under the outer section, the inner section or both?

A couple thoughts for you........if you have sensitive or damaged skin under your wafer, then frequent changes will irritate the skin more, as folks have said. If you just don't get much more time out of a wafer (and need to change it frequently) then extending your wear time won't make sense.....but if you can, then try it.

If you're going to experiment with different adhesive removers.....do it on better skin. What I mean is take one of your new wafers and cut it into quarters. Then stick a quarter to your midsection on the side opposite your stoma and leave it there for the 2 days or so until you need to change your real wafer. Then try the new adhesive remover on that quarter wafer first. If it works then you can try it on your good wafer for that change. This prevents you from exposing your sensitive or damaged skin to a bunch of new chemicals it may or may not like.

A couple thoughts on adhesion........adhesive remover takes time to break down the adhesive it's using. If it didn't it would probably be too strong for your skin. So you need to apply it and then give it time to do its thing. If the wafer material is a solid plastic, like my Sensura Mio Convex......the remover won't be able to penetrate the plastic no matter how long you leave it on. It has to 'seep' into the sides of the plastic from the edges. This can be a slow tedious process if you want to avoid skin damage. But if you watch a wound nurse apply adhesive remover she holds the pad or swab against the area that she's removing and doesn't wipe and remove.....she just keeps it in contact with the newly exposed skin as she removes the bandage. This is to allow the remover to seep in from the front edge as she pulls the bandage up and off. The slower you go the less it hurts, as this gives the remover more time to seep in and dissolve the adhesive. A way to speed this up is to take your new wafer, before you install it, and punch a number of small holes in it, say with a paper hole punch. This way when you wipe the adhesive on it seeps in under the wafer from more points, rather than just the edges, and as you're removing in one area the other areas are dissolving. The other way to lessen adhesion overall is to use more stoma powder under your wafer. Obvious the more you use the less adhesion you'll get, so you'd need to play with it a bit. But just apply and blow off with a hair dryer or whatever you use.....and then DO NOT hit it with a skin protectant wipe.....just leave it as be and apply your wafer. Don't cake it on or nothing will stick, but a light dusting and blow off will leave just a trace on your skin that will reduce adhesion a small amount. Less is more here, so you might want to practice this on one of those quarter wafer pieces you've stuck to the other side of your navel. You're going to need to experiment with stuff to figure out what works best for you, and you really don't want to do it on the important skin, and chance messing that up more. See if any of that makes sense and works for you. If not, we'll keep throwing ideas up on the wall and see what sticks!!




If you've never had problems before, makes me wounder if the adhesive remover is faulty is it the only 1 of them you have or do you have another you could try to see if it works as normal....manufactures do change the adhesive used on wafers at times another possible cause for the problem......Over the years I have had faulty products on occasions from batches than have gone wrong in the manufacturing process for one reason or another.... I've tried samples of just about every adhesive remover there is and all have worked just as well on me


Sorry - I am not sure what a "wafer" is? ;I have had issues a few times with my pouch and I blamed it on barrier wipes - removed wipes seemed to have caused chemical reaction making it almost impossible to remove my pouch.

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Wafer....either the sticky part on a 1 piece or the part of the 2 piece that you stick to your skin first.

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Okay - and thanks for the clarification - the sticky part (tape) on the outer most part of the pouch is where I ran into big trouble a while back - don't remember what adhesive remover I used but it left the tape gooey and shredded and I had a really tough time removing it. Seemed to be some kind of chemical reaction.


I have been using UNI-Solve for years and I haven't had any issues in removing my wafer. Made by Smith & Nephew.


I use the same wafer, always have, and Uni-Solve, also mentioned here, is what I use if I need it. Good luck.


That tape on the Natura is a veritable force... I remember how my wipes did nothing to it, and I had constant skin irritation. I recommend waiting another day or 2 before changing your wafer if you can without problems. Also, I recommend wetting the tape with a remover wipe ahead of time to change, say maybe 15 minutes to soak in. Good luck!

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Have you tried remover spray? Way easier to take stuff off with than the wipes. I use spray to take everything off with and then 2 wipes to scrub my skin to make sure all the sticky stuff is off.

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I haven't yet tried the spray but it sounds very convenient! It's on my shopping list, thanks buddy


Try Ivory Liquid Body Wash and a cotton pad.

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