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A pain behind my stoma maybe blockage

Posted by Tall geoff, on Sat May 22, 2010 2:41 pm
hi ya all well ive had my (eric) stoma had a full one with a stump left if you get what i mean since feb last year its been a real tough year and this year ive had 2 blockages in less then 2 months
i mean i eat all the right stuff and drink plenty i had real bad pain the othe day for 24 hours i was sick and the pain got real great i went to the hospital to be told by the xray dept dcs that no blockage was seen on xray and so got discharged the next day after being in for a day they said to me blockages and pain is what i need to get used to and give me pain killers well what i need to know from other people is

a ) when you start getting pain from behind ur stoma and its only pure liquide coming out or nothing is coming out  and ur in pain when do you say enough is enough and go up the hospital .

b) how do i avoid keep getting blockages i eat the right stuff ok my stress level are huge at the moment surley its not the stress thats doing it but i just keep going and trying my best to get through the day.

c) i have a hernia just above my stoma and my stoma nurse says its not a good idea to get it fixed cos normaly it dont do much and as ive only had my stoma  a years they dont recomend it im waiting for a suport to help is but the bulge is big and people notice my stoma which seams to put females of big time when it come to dating or dining that some one special ;(

so finnaly
D) if theres any one out there that like my profile feel free to mail me lol cos trying to meet woman when you have a stoma seams to be at a dead loss;(

would love to here people coments

from tall geoff
Reply by weewee, on Sat May 22, 2010 3:13 pm
hey dude
i understand about the female thing dont feel bad you arent the only one that is finding out about the bag and girls dont match up i to have had my little friend for over a year now and is a perment with the pain meds there is a draw back to them it causes harder stools and can lead to a blockage here in the US we have like 14 states that a prove medical maryjane may be that would work better for pain then the pills  sorry cant be much help good luck and better health to you
Reply by beatrice, on Sat May 22, 2010 4:47 pm
Hi Geoff (and Eric),

It could be that you have a slight twist/kink in your small intestine or an area that is smaller/narrower. So foods, when they reach that area cause pain. That's why the x-ray wouldn't show anything ... others, correct me if I'm wrong ... but a food blockage would show up, the twist/kink/narrow spot wouldn't.

Are you remembering to eat slowly and chew, chew, chew? If you have a touchy intestine, it will be all the more important that by the time you swallow, the food should be real mush -- absolutely no chunks or bits. Toothpaste or looser consistency. Ask me how I know !

Give the food chewing a try. If you still have the pain ... keep at the docs and even maybe revisit the surgeon.

2nd on watching the pain meds ... they can be so constipating (and addictive sometimes).

All the best.
Reply by eddie, on Sun May 23, 2010 3:50 pm
Hi & welcome, I am a nurse not an ostomy nurse but I have an ileostomy and know all about food blockage i have had them several times and I do know that hernia's can cause blockage, I would reccomend speaking to a surgeon or good Internal Med spec. for another option, it just seems reasonable to me that repairing a hernia could help prevent the blockage.
hope things get better, mind did with time.
Reply by gutenberg, on Mon May 24, 2010 11:16 am
Hi there Tall Geoff, after having 3 surgeries in three months and waking up the third time with an ileostomy, the beginning of a lot of trial and error but within the first year I started getting really sick and copious vomiting that was green and really sickening. So one of the local surgeons said "I can fix this for you Ed, but it means another surgery," at that time I didn't care, just make this go away, and true to his word I've never had a blockage since and I really push my diet, (what diet) to the limits, I never did find out exactly what he did but I think I remember something about a kink in the ilium but the surgery was a cut from groin to breast bone, somewhere along the line I developed some nerve damage, probably from two earlier spinal surgeries, it was a case of instant pain down from hip to tip of my toes, so for over two years I have managed to cope with the help of some mighty fine drugs. I think you got some mighty fine replies from Eddie and Beatrice, and I agree with them, so haul your ass back to a surgeon and see if you can get some answers, and we hope the best for you , Ed
Reply by lottagelady, on Mon May 24, 2010 4:49 pm
Hi Geoff

I have 'blockages' about every 3 months where I am impacted in my colon beyond my ileostomy - They damn well hurt! I generally go to A&E, get a good dose of morphine and cyclizine to stop me being sick and am generally ok the next day if a bit tender ....

I think that my blockages are due to the mega hernia I have so, yes I would say it does have an impact (though my plumbing is slightly different to most!), a bit of support is a good idea and will help to disguise it a little too....

Stress - yup, I would say that it does have an effect (sorry!) I also have Fibromyalgia and whenever my stress levels increase, so does my pain in my muscles including my abdomen ... if stressed your body is in 'flight or fight' mode so it is ready to respond to the next threat. It is not easy to get rid of stressors I know, but I am convinced it has an impact...

Could maybe also have some surgical adhesions which may be causing a problem?

You say you eat the right stuff - does that mean you are eating high fibre and a healthy diet as in your 5 a day etc??

Saying that 'you will have blockages, get used to it and the pain,'  to me is worthy of a complaint!

Hope that helps a bit?

Rach xx
Reply by kenkd, on Sun May 30, 2010 12:40 pm
Many of us here suffer blockages from time to time, and some of us have found ways to avoid them. My first blockage (after five months from the major surgery) was caused by stray loose tissue (or something of that nature) that gathered at and around the stoma site. As mine was an emergency operation, things like that occur. My doctor reluctantly had to open the site again and remove more of my colon, and re-attach it. Not saying that is what may have happened in your case though. Even I still had a couple blockages afterward because I didn't adhere to any sort of diet (like not eating a lot of popcorn, not chewing good enough, and not eating large chunks of thick beef).

I have since been able to control any onset, or potential onset of blockages (knock on wood, still). It is important that if you feel like something like that is trying to happen (and You will know), you should try some of things mentioned on this site (stooping with your knees to your chest for a moment, drinking only a nutritious liquid or soft diet for a couple days, sitting in a tub of nice warm water to ease your stomach muscles and to relieve stress, drinking tea or grapefruit juice without the pulp, etc). You probably should not take pain medication as pointed out here (causes slow motility and constipation), and maybe relax to some soft classical music on occasion (it helps me anyway).

It may sound ridiculous to some, but we have ways to control what our bodies do (to some degree), and each and every one of us have to ability to figure out what level of control we actually have.

Good luck to you and (eric)
Reply by car1951, on Sun May 30, 2010 9:56 pm
I have an ileu and a colostomy.  It was a big shock to find out my good eating habits were making me sick.  I loved raw vegetables and fruits.  I found my solution--a HealthMaster--a whopping big blender (?) that I bought off a tv infomerical.  That thing could blend cement.  
I drink my raw stuff now and no problems with blockage since.

I have a massive hernia too--I would look pregnant if it was more centered.  No answers here--I don't know what to do either.  I would widen my circle of friends--the gals you have been seeing sound like a real shallow bunch.  The kind of woman really worth your time will not care about the hernia.  That sounds trite but it is true.  Keep looking.

I hope this helps a little--God bless--you are not alone.
Reply by artist23, on Wed Oct 20, 2010 1:49 pm
hi,  women seem to put off by a stoma, i cant seem to meet anyone who understands, it would be nice to hear from someone who is also experiencing these things
Reply by Pinky, on Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:23 pm
Hi Tall Geoff - I thought you had met someone nice - what happened to that?

I've only had one blockage since my colostomy 2/09, and that came from fresh pineapple.  I had to irrigate all day to get it to flow.  At the time my surgeon recommended going on a daily stool softener.  I didn't need to do that (just stayed away from pineapple!) - but maybe it would help you, especially if you are on pain meds.       Smile
Reply by wookie2005, on Sun Oct 31, 2010 9:42 am
Hi Tall Geoff.

I Know what the pain is your on about, i experianced my fisrt blockage beginning of Oct.... It wasnt very comfortable. At first i knew something wasnt right, my husband called the hospital to see if there is anything to do or if we should come in ect, they told us to wait it out, if i got worse or vomited then to come into ED asap. Well i had stuff all sleep that night, my stoma output was nothing over night, the next day i was in tears i didnt move out of bed by the time my husband arrived home from work, he put me in the car and i was admitted into Hospital straight away, the xray showed a block just before the stoma, my surgeon wanted me to be kept in hospital over night for observations but i refused as my stoma output was starting to work again, biggest mistake i ever made as i was back in hospital again the following day. I know what caused mine, so im never going to be eating an orange again any time soon. Im in the process of post op still but also preparing myself for another sugery beginning of dec. I am sorry that your not having any luck with the ladies, but give it time, some of us can be really understanding and i am lucky to have a man that stuck by me the entire time.

Hope you feel better soon.

Brooke =)
Reply by jjjnettie, on Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:24 am
I'm lying on my couch as I write, waiting for a particularly bad blockage to clear.
Mine is due to my hernia repair in March. We think that the mesh has shrunk, squeezing my intestine partly shut, so that my poop builds up behind it. At times my output is like a thin ribbon.
My surgeon told me to use a stool softener daily until the revision surgery is done on the 15th of December.
So until then, I'm in a constant state of blockage, just the severity varies.
But panadol usually keeps the pain to a minimum.
Reply by Chopper3221, on Mon Jun 18, 2018 7:54 am

I was wondering since your a nurse and all my docters are to buisy right now. I just had emergency ileostomy four weeks ago and now I have a really soar lump about 3 inches above my stoma and getting blood like half an once a day from my but that started two weeks ago .Think I should go to emergency. Probably but I hate the 10 hour wait so just need an opinion

Reply by AussieOstomy , on Mon Jun 18, 2018 9:48 am

I would go to emergency, it doesn’t hurt to get it double checked. Yes it’s a long wait, but maybe not if you tell them you are recently out of surgery. It is also peace of mind. 😊

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