New diagnosis and treatment uncertainty - Need advice


Hi everybody, been processing my latest diagnosis, rectal adenocarcinoma. Mind-boggling to me to have cancer of something I no longer have.
I start Folfox chemo on the 14th and have my port installed that morning. They can't start off full speed because of my current condition. So it will be a gentle ramp up to full strength.
Not gonna lie, after everything I've been through the last couple of years, I really don't even want to do chemo or radiation if it comes to that point. I watched my mother battle breast cancer for 30 years before it finally took her at 56, my dad died of pancreatic cancer at 50. I've said for years I'd get it in some form at 53 and here we are.
My surgeon apparently thinks he has a future in comedy, he told me I've handled all the surgeries, biopsies, etc., etc., I handled very well. I actually laughed in his face at that one. Maybe he's thinking of a different patient because every time he's operated on me he's found something new and worse.
At least it explains the pain. Thanks for reading.


Oh Abe, I am so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you.

PS I'm always here for you if you just need to talk or vent or whatever.

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Stay strong and take it one day at a time. I'm glad to see you got a port. I did mine through a regular IV because I thought I was tough enough to withstand how many rounds I did. I tell everyone now to get a port, it got horrible going through an IV. The only other real advice I can give you is to listen to your doctors, literally take it one day at a time and go with how you feel each day, and eat as much as you can.


Oh man, keep your mind on good things, good times, good eats & drinks, etc.  For "etc" just fill in the blank, my friend.  I'm pulling hard for you.  HenryM


So sorry to hear that, Abe. Hope you hang in there and put up with all this crap! We need your voice of reason out here in the world!

Kitty told me that she would not do treatment if her breast cancer recurred... I told her I could accept her wishes but I would still ask her to do it, I would have to appeal to her if it ever happened. Well, Kitty beat cancer for twelve years! No sign of return! It was a blood clot that took her life, but my sweetie beat the cancer. She described how punishing it is, so I have a little insight... just a little compared to what the patient experiences.

I hope your treatment goes well, Abe... we are all cheering for you and many praying for you (I don't really do prayers). Hang in there, dude. Magoo.

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Behind every cloud, there is a silver lining. As the treatment proceeds, you will find yourself improving every day. All the best wishes.

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So sorry to hear that! Hang in there, buddy! Life can sure be tough sometimes. Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way!


Oh Abe, I'm so sorry you have such a big thing you have to deal with. You've had way more than your share and it doesn't seem fair. Please know I am sending healing thoughts from NY to MA. And, if you're running the gamut of thoughts and emotions, just consider - we are of our parents but we're not them so their experience doesn't indicate ours exactly.


So sorry, Abe. Prayers for strength and healing. Don't be too hard on your surgeon... It's a tough job giving good folks bad news. If I can do anything for you, just ask.


Hi Abe

As everyone else has said, sorry to hear the bad news. One step at a time and don't let the bastard beat you. On the bad days, reach out to us and you will soon be laughing. Also, think about the nice ballpark and seeing family to lighten up the load. You can do this, Abe. You're stronger than it. Remember, we are here for you, so lean on us whenever you want to. XX

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Hi Abe, sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis, but you've beaten your other obstacles, especially the ostomy. Stay strong.


Holy moly, Abe. Seems to me you're a bit overdue for a break in the health dept. It also seems, however, that you're the kind of guy to kick some cancer ass. So I'm not even going to wait. I'm going to start celebrating your cancer's demise right now. Hang tough until then. In the meantime, if I can help. . .


Hi Abe,

Damn - sorry to hear about your diagnosis. You have many awesome friends on this site. On those days when 'strong' seems impossible, we are all here for you. I am keeping you in my thoughts and hoping the very, very best for you. Karen


I am so very sorry to hear your news. I hope it does bring some comfort to know you have so many friends here pulling for you. You are stronger than you think, and I am sure you will prevail and things will get better. You just need to believe, and not give up. Please try to keep a positive attitude. It is so important. We are here for you any time you need a lift.


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Abe, I'm so sorry about this latest news... I, like you, can't wrap my head around the fact that I don't have a bowel but got cancer... You will be on the same chemo meds I take... If you need to chat, a friend, a shoulder, or a sounding board, reach out, my friend...

Your Homie with a Stomie

Stay strong.


So sorry to hear this, Abe! I had the same thing. Chemo meds (Folfox) weren't too bad. The cold sensitivity was the worst. Make sure you get Aloxi for nausea with every infusion. And like Alex said, eat as much as you can. I'll be praying for you!

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Sorry to hear about this. I have exactly the same problem. I'm just a bit further down the road after having 8 rounds of FolFox and surgery to remove the tumor (hence my ileostomy). I too had the chemotherapy via the port, which is much more convenient than standard IV.

FolFox is no picnic, but it is the standard treatment. If you have any questions, I am happy to share my experience with this so far. Take care and stay strong.


Thinking of you, Abe, and hoping you're handling the start of treatment okay.


Hi Abe.

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Abe - I'm so sorry for your recent diagnosis - sending good vibes for strength - remember you are a warrior! Please feel free to reach out - hugs

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